Slip and Fall Injuries Bring Jury Awards

Slip and Fall injuries can happen anywhere to anyone, however, as is very often the case, the cause was due to unsafe conditions, poor property care and maintenance, inadequate lighting or floor hazard signs found in public and private businesses across the State of Georgia. Over 1-million slip and fall injuries are reported in emergency room visits every year.

Slip and Fall Hazards

There are any endless number of reasons for a slip and fall accident to occur. Typical causes include frayed or uneven floor mats, insufficient lighting to adequately see floor hazards, wet or slippery floors, snow or ice on walkways including the parking lot and store entrances, or items sticking out obstructing an aisle or hallway. If you have been injured you may be able to be compensated for any medical expense, lost wages, continuing treatment, or even pain and suffering.

Common Injuries Sustained with a Slip and Fall

Typical injuries commonly sustained include fractures, shoulder injuries, back injury, dislocations, continuing pain. More serious injuries include brain damage, head injuries, persistent knee and or hip issues, permanent disability, or even death. A public or private business has the legal responsibility to take reasonable care of the property and repair unsafe conditions. Legal advice and guidance related to the incident is a good course of initial action.

Georgia Slip and Fall Rules Complex

In the State of Georgia, the rules, regulations and qualifications for filing a claim after slip and fall injuries are complex and requires an experienced attorney adept at working to obtain the maximum compensation for any current and future needs. Determining a slip and fall settlement is done in consideration of several factors which include negligence and liability with compensation generally awarded for different categories of injury, including medical bills, and associated legal fees.

Georgia Slip and Fall Injuries Attorney

Call your Atlanta slip and fall attorney Joel Baskin for a free confidential evaluation of your situation. Having Joel Baskin represent you can make the difference between a minimal settlement and a comprehensive monetary award.