Product Liability

If you have been injured by a dangerous or defective product call product liability attorney Joel Baskin and request a free consultation about your injury claim.

Manufacturers, distributors, and sometimes retailers may be held responsible for compensation for any injuries a dangerous or defective product might cause to a consumer. Most product liability laws are determined by the state and these laws can vary from state to state as well as what proof is needed to make a successful claim. In Georgia an injury or death that was caused by a dangerous or defective product may fall under one of three separate legal theories of negligence, strict liability or implied warranty.

You have the right to seek compensation from the responsible parties in a product liability case to help recover your damages for things such as medical bills, loss of income, therapy, rehabilitation, and more. A family can be devastated by medical bills alone after a serious injury and hiring an Atlanta personal injury attorney like Joel Baskin can be instrumental in helping get full and fair compensation for their product liability claim.

Cases dealing with product liability might include dangerous consumer products, dangerous children’s toys and products, defective automobile designs and auto parts, prescription and over-the-counter products, failure to warn or inadequate warning on potentially dangerous products. Every year there are thousands of dangerous and defective products injuries in the United States. The Consumer Product Safety Commission keeps track of injury statistics and puts out warnings and product recalls when they receive reports about defective products.

To file a successful product liability claim you need to be able to prove you were injured and suffered damages, that the product was defective, that the defect was the cause of your injury, and that you were using the product in the manner it was intended to be used.

The types of defects in a consumer product that can cause injuries include design defects, manufacturing defects, and marketing defects. A product that is poorly designed can make it inherently unsafe. During the manufacturing process defects in a product can occur due to the use of poor materials and/or shoddy workmanship or improper assembly. After a product has been produced, no matter how well it was designed and manufactured, it may not be properly labeled, have insufficient instructions, not have adequate safety warnings, or be intentionally misrepresented any one or more of which contributes to a marketing defect.

Product liability law can be complex because sometimes more than one person or business can be held liable for damages and you have the burden of proving your case. This makes it very important to get the advice and guidance of a personal injury attorney who has experience with product liability claims.

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