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Personal Injury Case Types

There are many types of personal injury cases. People may not realize that they are entitled to compensation for injuries sustained from some types of injury. For example, someone who is injured during a physical attack or mugging when there was inadequate or negligent security may have a good case for receiving compensation for their injuries under the theory of premises liability. Personal injury attorneys may specialize in certain areas of personal injury cases or may handle many kinds of personal injury cases. Personal injury cases are the most common legal actions taken every year. Personal Injury Cases – Categorized […]

Hoverboard Fires Cause Millions in Property Damage

Have you heard about the growing number of hoverboard fires that have been occurring? Did your family or someone you know purchase a hoverboard last year or have a hoverboard under their Christmas tree? If the answer is yes, you need to be informed about the serious safety concerns with this product. The Consumer product safety commission has received many reports of injuries and fires associated with this product making this “hot holiday gift item” much more than the phrase implies. In December the CPSC urged consumers to use caution when purchasing and using hoverboards while they were investigating problems […]

Pharmacy Error – When Medication Causes Harm

Every year we see stories about a pharmacy error that has resulted in injury and sometimes death. We place a lot of trust in our pharmacists to provide us with the correct medication to treat and manage our health conditions. What can we do when that trust is breached and the medication causes harm? What are common causes of medication errors? There are hundreds of approved drugs for use in the United States and some of them have very similar sounding names and similar spellings Patient miss-identification in people who share similar sounding names and birth dates Improper computer coding […]