Monthly Archives: October 2016

Car Safety Features Including New Tech Will Save Lives

Looking to buy a new car? Perhaps you are considering upgrading to a newer used car. Whatever you decide you should consider a vehicle with some of the new car safety features. New car safety features can help in several ways including lower insurance premiums and reduced risk of an accident. Being involved in an accident in one of these newer vehicles also offers better crash protection and reduced risk of serious injury. Car Safety Features There are many different car safety features to consider. A few important ones to have in a vehicle include: • Anti-lock brakes • Electronic […]

Texting Accidents Becoming Epidemic

The National Safety Council reports that 1,600,000 texting while driving accidents occur each year. These accidents have caused 330,000 injuries. Distracted driving can be traced to several different activities. The level of texting accidents, one type of distracted driving, has risen quickly. The growing use of cell phones among all age groups is seen as a leading cause of distracted driving accidents. Texting Accidents Due to Slow Reaction Time as Bad or Worse Than DUI It is believed that 660,000 drivers are using their cell phones or other electronic devices daily. Texting while driving slows reaction time. Studies show that […]