Are you facing a misdemeanor vandalism charge or arrest? Attorney Joel Baskin will work to protect your rights, see that you are treated fairly, and get you the best possible outcome.

What is Vandalism?

If you have defaced, altered or destroyed someone else’s property without permission you can be charged with vandalism. Things like breaking widows, damaging vehicles, graffiti on public or private structures, even damage or destruction to another person’s website are all acts of vandalism. If you are convicted of vandalism you could face jail time and/or fines. Some common examples of vandalism include:

  • Graffiti or spray painting public or private property without permission
  • Egging someone’s car or home
  • Keying (scratching) another’s vehicle
  • Slashing someone’s tires
  • Breaking someone’s windows
  • Altering or knocking down street signs
  • Ransacking a property

Punishment for Vandalism Varies

Unless someone was hurt due to an act of vandalism, it is usually considered a misdemeanor and is punishable by up to one year in prison, fines, probation, court supervision, community service, or a combination of these.

Criminal defense attorney Joel Baskin can help to prove your innocence or help negotiate a lesser charge or sentence. Joel has helped clients in the Atlanta area for over 20 years. The law is complex and you need a good criminal defense attorney to help you get the best outcome possible.

Don’t Face Vandalism Charges Alone

Contact criminal defense attorney Joel Baskin for help if you are facing an arrest or charges of vandalism. Joel helps criminal defendants in the Atlanta Metro area with two offices conveniently located in Cobb and Fulton counties.

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