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Traffic Cases

Have you received a traffic ticket and wonder if you need an Atlanta traffic ticket attorney? The simple answer is yes! Anytime you receive a traffic ticket and especially if you receive a serious traffic violation, you need to know that having that ticket on your record can affect your insurance rates, result in loss of driving privileges, and potentially cost you job and educational opportunities. A traffic ticket needs to be handled properly to ensure that you do not suffer any unnecessary repercussions.

Many people do not want to be bothered with what they consider a simple traffic ticket and prefer to just “pay the fine” and be done with it. But, unless you had just a simple parking ticket, paying a fine for a moving violation counts as a permanent conviction on your record.

Joel Baskin Atlanta Traffic Ticket Attorney Protecting Your Rights

There are several ways a Vinings traffic ticket attorney like Joel Baskin can be a great help if you have received a traffic ticket or been charged with a more serious traffic violation such as DUI.

  • Your traffic attorney can consult & advise – He can analyze the specifics of your case and advise you on the best legal options that will help you achieve the best possible outcome.
  • Your traffic attorney can negotiate for you – An experienced lawyer, especially in serious traffic violation cases, can negotiate with the prosecuting attorney to seek reduced charges, reduced jail time and/or penalties, and other results you are not aware of.
  • Your traffic attorney may help keep insurance premiums down – By working to get your traffic case dismissed, or charges reduced among other things your attorney may be able to keep points off your license which could result in higher insurance premiums.
  • Your traffic attorney can represent you in court – For serious traffic cases such as DUI, or any type of ticket that could result in loss of driving privileges, an experienced traffic ticket attorney can present an organized defense. By clearly presenting the facts, focusing on many smaller details and drawing attention away from details that could hurt your case, he can help influence a better outcome.

Georgia uses a point system for traffic violations. Assorted traffic offenses are assigned different point values. If you are convicted of traffic violations that add up to 15 points or within a certain number of months, you are at risk of having your license suspended. Points for out of state violations are added to any accrued in Georgia. Drivers under the age of 21 will lose their driver’s license with any 4 point violation or an accumulation of 4 points while under the age of 21.

An experienced East Point traffic ticket attorney can often negotiate for a lesser charge to keep points off your license so your insurance premium will not be affected and driving privileges can be maintained.

East Point & Vinings Traffic Ticket Attorney Giving You the Advantage

It is always best to hire a local attorney, like East Point criminal defense attorney Joel Baskin, to handle your traffic ticket case. He is familiar with the prosecutors and judges with whom he works on a regular basis. He knows what the judges and other attorneys are willing or unwilling to do; he knows their idiosyncrasies and how they think based on a particular set of facts. This is an important advantage to have in a traffic ticket case when negotiating for reduced charges.

In many cases a traffic ticket can be handled without you having to go to court. The goal is to minimize the long-term impact of your traffic violation. As a Vinings & East Point traffic ticket attorney, Joel Baskin has over 20 years of experience helping clients get their charges dismissed, reduced, or receiving reduced consequences for their traffic violation while achieving the best possible outcome.

East Point & Vining Traffic Ticket Attorney, Joel Baskin

Contact Vinings traffic ticket attorney, Joel Baskin if you have received an Atlanta traffic ticket for speeding, DUI, driving with a revoked license, driving without insurance, or any other moving or non-moving violation to represent you.

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