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Attorney Joel Baskin has a

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His dedication and commitment to clients has made him a respected and admired member of the legal community, and his reputation for personal service with care and compassion sets him apart.

People who have suffered physical injury, psychological or emotional injury, or a combination of these because of negligence or intentional wrongdoing by another person, company, or business may have a claim against the responsible party for compensation. Medical bills, loss of income, and justice are among some of the major reasons for seeking compensation.

As an Atlanta personal injury attorney, Joel Baskin can help you get the justice and compensation you need and deserve. He has the knowledge and experience in this area of law to help those who have suffered injury in many areas including but not limited to: car & truck accidents, slip-and-fall accidents, medical mistakes, defective products, work injuries, bicycle accidents and others.

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If you have been arrested or charged with a criminal offense, you should get the advice of a criminal defense attorney right away. An arrest or charge means that the state has a reasonable suspicion that you may have committed a crime, but you are still considered innocent until proven guilty. The state must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are in fact guilty before you can be convicted of a criminal offense. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help prevent the state from establishing this very high burden of proof. As a Vinings and East Point criminal defense attorney, Joel Baskin serves the entire Atlanta and Marietta area as well as surrounding communities — defending your rights and making sure you are treated fairly and with dignity. You can be assured your criminal defense case will be handled in a prompt, effective and competent manner.

If you have been charged with a misdemeanor or minor offense do not think it is not important to get legal advice. A misdemeanor criminal offense can have lifelong negative effects on things like your right to drive, educational opportunities, and opportunities for future employment.

A criminal defense attorney with offices in Cobb & Fulton counties, Joel takes cases involving DUI, drug charges, traffic violations (speeding, reckless driving, moving violations, tickets, driving without a license, driving without insurance), shoplifting, vandalism, drug charges, misdemeanors (prostitution, simple assault, trespass, vandalism) and more.


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Red Light and Camera Violations

Georgia registered drivers may receive a Notice of Violation letter in the mail that summarizes the information about an alleged violation of running a red light where a traffic camera is installed.

Joel Baskin has more than 20 years of legal experience that he will put to work on your case to fight the traffic ticket and associated consequences.

Speeding and Civil Traffic Tickets

If you were pulled over and issued a civil traffic ticket in Georgia, you may be confused about your rights and responsibilities. You cannot simply ignore the ticket because this can fail to appear violation, leading to even more serious consequences. However, you may not think the ticket was justified or may not want the long-term impact of receiving a ticket being on your driving record. In these situations, it is extremely beneficial to have an experienced Georgia speeding and civil traffic ticket lawyer on your side.



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