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Red Light and Camera Violations

Knowledgeable Red Light and Camera Violations

In response to a growing number of red-light runners that can cause serious accidents, Atlanta and other cities in Georgia have installed red-light cameras at busy intersections. You may have received a notice in the mail stating that you were found to have run a red light. However, you do have the right to contest this finding if you do not agree with it.

What You Should Know About Red Light Camera TicketsRed Light Camera Tickets

Georgia registered drivers may receive a Notice of Violation letter in the mail that summarizes the information about an alleged violation of running a red light where a traffic camera is installed. It typically includes pictures that show the vehicle at the time it was photographed. The notice will also indicate the cost of the fine and when it must be paid to avoid certain penalties.

Some important things to understand about these tickets include:

  • No points are assessed on your driving record. The offense is considered a civil penalty, so there are no criminal consequences associated with paying the fine.
  • Your car insurance rates will not go up because of this type of offense.
  • If you do not pay the fine, you cannot renew your vehicle’s registration. Your vehicle’s registration can also be suspended early.
  • You can receive this notice even if you were not driving the vehicle. You are still responsible for paying the fee, but you can seek reimbursement from the driver.
  • If you do not pay the fine, you may be subject to additional fees and collection actions.

Help with Your Georgia Red Light Traffic Ticket

Red Light Camera TicketsEven though the consequences of a red light traffic ticket are not as severe as other types of traffic ticket convictions, they can still impact you and subject you to additional penalties, especially if you are unaware of the ticket and significant time has elapsed since the citation was issued. You may want to consult with a Georgia red light traffic ticket lawyer if:

  • It is not your vehicle in the picture
  • It is not clear in the picture the light was red at the time
  • You were not driving
  • You are being subjected to additional penalties due to the alleged offense
  • You have proof to contest the ticket
  • The traffic light was malfunctioning at the time of the accident
  • There was a medical emergency or other justification for running the red light

Even though these reasons may give you a valid defense, they may be difficult to prove without capable legal assistance. Joel Baskin has more than 20 years of legal experience that he will put to work on your case to fight the traffic ticket and associated consequences.

Contact Experienced Georgia Lawyer to Help You Fight Your Ticket

If you have received a red light camera traffic ticket, do not hesitate to contact Joel M. Baskin Attorney at Law. He can discuss your rights and devise a legal strategy for your case. Call us at (404) 765-0031 to get started.

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