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Georgia considers driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol a very serious matter, and if you are found guilty of DUI in Georgia the penalties and fines can be severe.

Perhaps you made a bad decision to drink and drive believing your driving would not be impaired.

Consulting with a Georgia DUI attorney is very important

to protect your rights and ensure fair treatment if you should ever be charged with DUI.

There are a number of Georgia DUI laws under the Official Code of Georgia that deal with different aspects of driving under the influence.


Whatever situation put you behind the wheel, it is important to never make any statements other than politely identifying yourself to the officer or admissions to the arresting officer. You need to get the representation of an Atlanta DUI attorney as soon as possible to protect yourself. A person can be also be charged with a felony DUI instead of a misdemeanor DUI depending on a certain set of circumstances.

DUI Charges: Criminal and Administrative Proceedings

A DUI charge sets into motion two different processes. First, you face a criminal proceeding for the DUI charge, and second: an administrative procedure regarding the possible loss of your driving privileges. You have a limited time after a DUI charge to request a hearing to keep your driver’s license. This can be very serious if your job depends on you being able to drive. Your DUI attorney can handle both the criminal case and the administrative case for you.

Defending against DUI charges, even with the help of a criminal defense attorney, is difficult because the law is very strict concerning drinking and driving in Georgia. An acquittal is possible, and having a good DUI attorney will ensure you get the best outcome possible. Don’t try to deal with a DUI charge yourself because it can affect your driving privileges, your job, future employment, and even future educational opportunities.


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How an Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyer Prepares a Strong DUI Defense

Your criminal defense attorney will take the time necessary to prepare a strong defense. He will thoroughly investigate the DUI incident, including making sure the police followed proper procedures. If the arresting officer did not follow proper procedures, it can put the state’s case against a DUI defendant at risk.

Were field sobriety tests properly conducted and interpreted? There are numerous factors, which can adversely affect a field sobriety test such as being nervous, tired, scared or distracted. A physical disability can prevent a person from properly performing a field sobriety test. Being asked to perform a field sobriety test on a non-level surface, in poor lighting, or near a roadway and traffic can all contribute to a mistaken interpretation of DUI. An experienced Atlanta & East Point DUI attorney, Joel Baskin will take every aspect of your case into consideration when preparing a strong defense.

It is possible to have a successful defense against DUI charges and depending upon the circumstances of the case, your criminal defense attorney may be able to get the DUI charges dropped, negotiate for reduced charges, or get you into a rehabilitation program instead of prison.



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