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"Thank you Joel for helping me turn my life around. You went above and beyond the expectations that I had at the beginning of the case. You were compassionate, detailed and thorough. My injury was severe and life altering but you got every dollar available. Great job again!"

C. Snyder, Personal Injury Case

"I’ve known Joel since he started practicing law. I know his father has been a huge influence in his life and the way he handles his cases and treats his clients. Joel has a knack for remembering specific details and always treats people with respect. We had a three day trial and he got a great verdict for me for my injuries. Without him, justice would not have prevailed!"

S. Hines, Personal Injury Case

"Dear Joel, you were the third attorney representing me on my case and quite frankly I know you were hesitant in handling my case. You were very blunt and to the point and despite the fact that you didn’t want to take my case, you ended up taking on a daunting task on a very difficult injury case and obtained a fantastic mid-six figure result. Thank you very much for your patience. You’ve set the barometer very high and I will refer everybody I can to you. Thanks again."

B. Reid, Personal Injury Case

"I was thinking to myself everybody knows this attorney. I walked into to court and he must have spoken to 15 other attorneys before we started our case. He showed meticulous preparation and was great on his feet. He told me not to expect much and that the case was very difficult. We settled my case two days into trial and I was very pleased with his work. Thanks for a great job."

Jarrod E.

"Joel hit another homerun! My injuries were devastating as a result of getting hit by a tractor trailer. As my medical bills approached a half a million dollars, I thought my life was over. Joel filed suit within 60 days, and he settled my case on the eve of the trial for the policy limits as well as an additional umbrella policy. Thanks again for a wonderful job."

L. Wallace, Trucking Accident Injury Case

"Joel obtained another seven figure result through the mediation process. My injuries were catastrophic and Joel did a fantastic job. Interestingly, another attorney had handled my case beforehand and I was offered $250,000 but Joel took the case on and worked the facts up with incredible detail and thoroughness. I will refer everybody I can to him. He called me on weekends and was there for me every step of the way. Great results again."

B. Massey, Personal Injury Case

"Joel has represented me and my family throughout the years on a multitude of different legal issues. Besides the fact that he is a great attorney, he is a wonderful person. Unlike some other folks, he does not take himself too seriously and has an incredible sense of humor which he uses to his advantage. He has been fantastic and achieved great results on the minor traffic tickets along with the personal injury cases where I have used his services."

D. Lawson

"I’ve known Joel since he was in high school. From his superstar days of swimming to the present, he is a guy who shows a passionate purpose and has incredible drive with the practice of law along with his other business ventures which have kept him in tune with the economics of law and business. At mediation he settled a contracts case involving an overseas vendor involving loss of business income for my corporation. He kept my expectations in check. He gets great results and I’ll refer him to anyone. Great job!"

B. Ellis

"He is incredibly sharp. When he has a message to send, he knows how to deliver it. He got a great result on my personal injury case and recovered the limits on all of the insurance policies available. I’d recommend him to anyone I know."

L. Ward, Personal Injury Case

"Joel is very effective at accomplishing results. He told me some things that I did not want to hear and frankly he was brutally honest. He tried my DUI case to a jury and got an acquittal on my DUI charge. I’ve turned my life around and have him to thank."

W. Clark, DUI Defense Case

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