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Bicycles Are Legal Vehicles With the Right To Use Roadways

Did you know that in Georgia, as in many other states, bicycles are legal vehicles? This means not only that they have a right to use the roadways, but also that they must abide by the general vehicular traffic laws. For example when the law uses the phrase “vehicle” it applies to both cars and bicycles and bicyclists need to follow the same rules as cars. For example they need to stop at traffic signals and stop signs. The portions of the law that refer specifically to “motor vehicles” would not apply to bicycles and would include such items as […]

Car Safety Design vs Driver Error in Car Accidents

Although many people die and are seriously injured every year due to issues with car safety because of unsafe or poor design, or defective materials used in car production, the majority of car accident injuries are still caused by driver error. A June 16, 2015 article in USA Today points out that government statistics report that driver error accounts for 94% of crashes. Active Car Safety Systems Help Prevent Driver Error Accidents Considering these statistics, we can be grateful for new car safety features being implemented in newer vehicles, but we still need to be proactive in working on active […]