Monthly Archives: December 2015

Vehicle Accident Injury Data & Analysis

The latest vehicle accident injury crash data from the National Transportation and Safety Administration shows a slight decline in traffic fatalities and injuries from 2005 through 2014. But even a slight decline seems minuscule when you look at the numbers. The key crash data findings for 2014 report that 32,675 people were killed and 2.3 million were injured in vehicle crashes. Saving Lives & Reducing Vehicle Accident Injury While the NHTSA is working on compiling and analyzing the crash data for 2015, early statistical projections so far are showing a slight increase in vehicle crash fatalities compared to the first […]

Holiday Accident Injury

Holiday accident injury is preventable. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has good suggestions for safe holiday decorating to help prevent holiday accident injury. Unbelievably there were 12 deaths and 14,500 injuries requiring an emergency room visit during last year’s 2 month holiday season. The suggestions to help prevent holiday accident injuries are good to take note of. Use caution with sharp, weighted, or breakable decorations. Lacerations were among the top reported injuries caused by decorations last year. Avoid using decorations and trims that resemble food or candy. Small children can choke or swallow small items they are attracted too. Small […]

Holiday Season Ahead – Be Aware of Unsafe Toys & Products

With the holiday season fast approaching our thoughts are turning to planning for holiday celebrations and purchasing gifts for family & friends. It is important when shopping and purchasing gift items this year to make informed choices, especially when considering toys for babies & children. Every year many children are injured, some seriously, by toys and other children’s products which are unsafe and/or defective. One great resource available, to check out which unsafe or defective products to avoid, is the Consumer Products Safety Commission. You can also report products you think are unsafe on its website. The CPSC has lists of […]

Accident Prevention Smart Car Technology is on the Horizon

Over the years car safety has evolved from passive safety devices like seat belts and air bags designed to help people survive crashes to active safety devices like electronic stability control and collision avoidance systems. According to Consumer Reports the next “evolution” in car safety will be the “smart car” in which cars will communicate electronically with each other. This “smart car” technology is still a few years away from implementation but the development is exciting and will be an important aid in preventing future car accidents. How will “smart car,” or connected-vehicle technology work? Cars will be equipped with electronics […]