Monthly Archives: August 2016

Driver-less Cars Promise to Reduce Car Accidents

The future is just around the corner when it comes to driver-less cars. At the end of 2014 Google introduced us to their first driver-less smart car. There are several other companies testing driver-less cars, but Google has had the largest impact and was the first of 3 other companies to receive permits from California to test their vehicles. Google has over one million miles of driver-less car testing under its belt. One of the big benefits of computer operated driver-less smart cars is that it should make car accidents a rare occurrence. Driver-less smart cars don’t drink and drive, […]

Jeep Recall – Gear Selector Proves Deadly

Actor Anton Yelchin, best known for his role in a Star Trek movie, was killed in his own driveway after his Jeep rolled backwards and pinned him to a brick post. The vehicle he drove had been flagged by the manufacturer for a problem involving poor gear selector design causing the vehicle to roll backwards. A Jeep recall indicating there was a problem with the gear selector design had been announced, but it is unclear if Yelchin was aware of it. In April Fiat Chrysler notified the federal government that they would be filing a recall notice.  They notified Jeep owners […]