Monthly Archives: September 2016

Samsung Cell Phone Recall

It has become apparent that the Samsung cell phone, the Galaxy Note 7, has suddenly become a major problem with numerous incidents of them catching fire and/or exploding and causing injury and property damage. With the increasing frequency of this serious problem the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Samsung have issued a product recall for all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones sold before September 15, 2016. According to the CPSC there have been 92 official reports of serious overheating problems related to the Samsung cell phone battery. This includes 26 reports of burns to people who had been holding the […]

Confusion About Georgia Bicycle Law

Depending upon which state you reside in, there are different bicycle specific traffic laws which apply. These variations make for a lot of confusion for bicyclists and drivers alike. Georgia bicycle law is going to be different from other states for several reasons. For example, bicycle specific laws may be very relaxed in states which have lower populations and lots of open spaces, while high population areas have stricter laws. As our country has become more mobile and people travel from place to place and often move, setting up households in new cities and states — it is only natural they […]