Monthly Archives: November 2016

School Bus Accident in Tennessee Deadly

Just before the Thanksgiving holiday this year on November 21, 2016 we were all shocked to learn of a deadly school bus accident in Chattanooga, Tennessee. At this time the investigation into the accident is ongoing but it is believed that the bus driver was speeding on a winding neighborhood road. The school bus hit a pole, overturned and wrapped around a tree as it came to rest on its side. Many of the children were trapped for over 2 hours as rescuers worked to free them. According to Fox News the accident killed 6 people, 5 of them children. […]

Talc Baby Powder Lawsuits

Over the past several years there have been a number of lawsuits filed on behalf of women who developed ovarian cancer that was traced to the use of talc baby powder. Results of these lawsuits have been positive for a number of those affected. Multi-million dollar awards have been granted in several of these lawsuits. In October of 2016 a California woman who developed ovarian cancer was awarded $70 million dollars in her lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson. There are currently about 2,000 women who are involved in talc baby powder lawsuits. Talc Baby Powder Not all baby powders or […]