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Common Types of Personal Injury Bring Compensation

Personal injury law allows for compensation to an injured party when someone else has been negligent or who’s intentional act has caused the harm. While every situation and case is different, there are several common types of personal injury claims that can lead to compensation through the courts and legal system. A personal injury attorney is skilled in the evaluation and legal representation of your specific circumstances. Common Types of Personal Injury Claims The most common personal injury claim arises from automobile collisions, however these types of cases also include, product defect accidents, medical and dental accidents, slip and fall, […]

Unsafe Sidewalks Common Cause of Injury

Sidewalks are so common in towns, neighborhoods, walking trails, and around most public or private business locations that we often pay them little mind. A crack, chipped or missing piece of concrete, or sudden change in height between one section of sidewalk and another can cause a trip and fall. Unsafe sidewalks have become a leading cause of serious bodily harm and injury. Unsafe Sidewalks Cause Injury A National survey that studied pedestrian injuries reported that 24% of pedestrian injuries were due to a trip and fall on uneven or cracked sidewalks. The International Property Maintenance Code states that all […]