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Nursing Home Abuse Happens to 50% of Elders

Nursing home abuse is a nationwide problem that hits home hard in Georgia. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has reported that among all of the states in America, Georgia and Tennessee were the top worst in response time to reports of risk of serious injury or death in nursing homes. Federal guidelines require onsite investigations within two days of a complain, however in Georgia, it may take 15-days or more to send out an investigator.  Nursing Home Abuse Signs If you suspect a nursing home resident is being abused report it right away. Consulting with a personal injury attorney may also be […]

Top Ways to Increase Personal Injury Awards

Building a personal injury case where you receive compensation for your injuries and expenses is a team effort between you and your attorney. There are several top ways to help develop the strength of your claim which in turn will affect the damages you are awarded by the courts.   Top Types of Compensatory Damages   Some of the most common types of compensatory damages that are involved in many personal injury cases include:  Medical treatment – top ways for damages to be increased include cost of medical care, estimated costs for medical care and treatment needed in the future […]