Brain Injury During Childbirth Leave Lifelong Impact

The Brain Injury Association of America reports that traumatic brain injuries at delivery are one of the leading causes of a permanent life impacting birth injury. With up to 8% of all children born in the U.S. suffering from a brain injury, thousands of children and their families are affected by long-term medical and developmental disabilities. Brain Injury During Childbirth and Medical Malpractice Claims Brain injury received at birth is linked to many significant permanent disabilities and serious medical issues which include cerebral palsy, mental retardation, seizure disorder, full and partial paralysis, speech and language disorders. An injury to a […]

10 Reasons You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

Many people go through life without ever having the need to consult with or hire an attorney. There are numerous legal matters that do not require the services of a lawyer, however even the smallest infraction can often lead to bigger legal issues, fines, or even jail. Being involved in a personal injury can impact your future health and financial security. The 10 reasons you need a personal injury lawyer can significantly affect your life and future. 10 Reasons You Need to Call a Personal Injury Lawyer Retaining the services of a lawyer is essential in many situations. The top […]

School Bus Stop Accidents On the Rise Again

School bus stop accidents have been in the news across the nation since school started back up this year. As a parent, we look to be sure our children are safe, but more and more children are injured waiting for the bus, or crossing the street at the school bus stop. With seasonable time changes, it is often darker in the mornings when children are waiting for and getting onto the school bus, which makes it even more dangerous to use the bus. Inattentive, and careless drivers are putting children at risk every day. Millions of Drivers Pass Stopped School […]

Sidewalks Hazardous to Your Physical Health

Sidewalks hazardous to your physical health are everywhere. Many do not give sidewalk safety a second thought as they exist in cities, in rural communities, around neighborhoods, next to public and private spaces, and well, just about anywhere that people walk. A simple sidewalk crack, broken edge, or a sudden change in slope or height between one section and another can cause a trip, fall and personal injury. Unsafe sidewalks have become a common cause of physical harm and injury across the U.S. Sidewalks Hazardous to Anyone of Any Age With over 24% of pedestrian injuries due to a trip […]

Road Rage Behaviors Get Fired Up in Summer Heat

Road rage behaviors occurs throughout the year in Georgia, but during the summer, with higher temperatures road rage gets fired up! Driving in hot, humid, weather often increases frustration and agitation, leading to impatience, stressed driving, and even anger on the roadways. Road Rage Laws in Georgia In Georgia there are laws specific to road rage behaviors or aggressive driving. The State of Georgia defines road rage or aggressive driving as operating a motor vehicle with the intent to annoy, harass, injure, intimidate, or obstruct another person. The road rage and aggressive driving behaviors may be directed toward another driver, […]

Prescription Medication Errors Affect Millions

Approximately 1.3 million people in the U.S. are injured every year by prescription medication errors. Prescription medication errors are the most common medical error reported in out-patient clinics, hospitals, long term care settings. Most of the medication mistakes were preventable and can be traced back to human error. Prescription Medication Error Drug Categories The prescription medications that are most frequently associated with serious medical issues are those most commonly taken by those over 50-years of age. The medication categories reported with the most errors include common blood pressure medications, cardiovascular medications, pain relievers including opioids and acetaminophen, or diabetic prescriptions […]

Defamation – Libel, and Slander Bring Damages

Defamation, slander, and libel are terms that frequently confused with each other. They all fall into the same category of law and have to do with communications that falsely debase another’s character. If accused, or in accusing another of any of these, truth is the defense. In basic terms, if what was said was true, there is no case, however if false statements were made, a legal case may be brought as recourse to protect one’s reputation. Defamation, Libel, and Slander Definitions As simple definitions, the following help to define and separate the meaning of these terms: Defamation can be […]

Motorcycle Accident Season in Atlanta

With summer approaching and bringing nicer weather to ride motorcycles in, Atlanta is seeing motorcycle accident season arrive. More riders on the roads often mean an increase in the number of accidents and injuries on a daily basis. Drivers of a car, truck, or commercial vehicle are often the responsible party when a collection with a motorcycle occurs. Motorcycle Accident Season and Driver Negligence The majority of motorcycle accidents are the result of driver negligence. A driver may easily miss seeing the bike when switching lanes, becoming distracted by a phone call or events in the car, heavy traffic, road […]

Improperly Store Assembled Items Cause Personal Injury

When buying some hard to assemble items the purchaser often takes advantage of letting the store put the product together for them. Improperly store assembled items can cause serious personal injury, especially when the assembly is performed by untrained store personnel. Buying a product, and often paying an extra fee to have it pre-assembled for you does not guarantee that it is safe to use. Improperly Store Assembled Items on the Rise Some of the items where the buyer may take advantage of store pre-assembly include bicycles, BBQ grills, push mowers, outdoor power equipment, battery powered children’s ride-on toys, shelving […]

Technology Complicates Person Injury Claim Process

Technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives from smart phones, internet use, to security camera systems found in the home, the community, and at work. Technology complicates personal injury claims in some important legal ways, with personal injury lawyers now needing to be acutely aware of the impact modern technology may have on their client’s case. Technology Complicates Pros and Cons While technology has many positive aspects, with a personal injury case, technology complicates the situation in several ways. Technology impacts the presentation and documentation used in a personal injury claim with the availability of devices that […]