Personal Injury

Prescription Medication Errors Affect Million

Approximately 1.3 million people in the U.S. are injured every year by prescription medication errors. Prescription medication errors are the most common medical error reported in out-patient clinics, hospitals, long term care settings. Most of the medication mistakes were preventable and can be traced back to human error. Prescription Medication Error Drug Categories The prescription medications that are most frequently associated with serious medical issues are those most commonly taken by those over 50-years of age. The medication categories reported with the most errors include common blood pressure medications, cardiovascular medications, pain relievers including opioids and acetaminophen, or diabetic prescriptions […]

Defamation – Libel, and Slander Bring Damages

Defamation, slander, and libel are terms that frequently confused with each other. They all fall into the same category of law and have to do with communications that falsely debase another’s character. If accused, or in accusing another of any of these, truth is the defense. In basic terms, if what was said was true, there is no case, however if false statements were made, a legal case may be brought as recourse to protect one’s reputation. Defamation, Libel, and Slander Definitions As simple definitions, the following help to define and separate the meaning of these terms: Defamation can be […]

Motorcycle Accident Season in Atlanta

With summer approaching and bringing nicer weather to ride motorcycles in, Atlanta is seeing motorcycle accident season arrive. More riders on the roads often mean an increase in the number of accidents and injuries on a daily basis. Drivers of a car, truck, or commercial vehicle are often the responsible party when a collection with a motorcycle occurs. Motorcycle Accident Season and Driver Negligence The majority of motorcycle accidents are the result of driver negligence. A driver may easily miss seeing the bike when switching lanes, becoming distracted by a phone call or events in the car, heavy traffic, road […]

Improperly Store Assembled Items Cause Personal Injury

When buying some hard to assemble items the purchaser often takes advantage of letting the store put the product together for them. Improperly store assembled items can cause serious personal injury, especially when the assembly is performed by untrained store personnel. Buying a product, and often paying an extra fee to have it pre-assembled for you does not guarantee that it is safe to use. Improperly Store Assembled Items on the Rise Some of the items where the buyer may take advantage of store pre-assembly include bicycles, BBQ grills, push mowers, outdoor power equipment, battery powered children’s ride-on toys, shelving […]

Technology Complicates Person Injury Claim Process

Technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives from smart phones, internet use, to security camera systems found in the home, the community, and at work. Technology complicates personal injury claims in some important legal ways, with personal injury lawyers now needing to be acutely aware of the impact modern technology may have on their client’s case. Technology Complicates Pros and Cons While technology has many positive aspects, with a personal injury case, technology complicates the situation in several ways. Technology impacts the presentation and documentation used in a personal injury claim with the availability of devices that […]

Inflatable Bounce House Injuries On The Rise

Reports show that along with the increase in popularity of inflatable bounce house use at public and private events, injuries to children of all ages have skyrocketed. Half of those injured were between six and twelve years of age, and more than a third of bounce house injuries occur in children under the age of five and include arm, leg, head, and neck injuries. Inflatable Bounce House Injury Statistics The journal, Pediatrics, published a study that reported that a child was hurt every 46-minutes playing in or on an inflatable. The rate of reported injuries, other than scrapes and […]

Dog Bite Laws in Georgia Changed to Include Snapping

Dog bite laws in the State of Georgia have changed. Previously those who were bitten needed to show that the dog had already bitten someone and the owner knew about it – coined the “first bite rule.” Proving that a dog owner knew their pet had a propensity for violence or was vicious, without any documented reports was often a difficult legal task. Dog Bite Laws Changed The laws have been changed, through the High Court’s ruling, that an attempt to bite in the absence of provocation may be proof of a propensity to bite without provocation. In other words, […]

MARTA Transportation Personal Injuries Common

A personal injury can happen to anyone at any time. Personal injuries that impact your health, well-being, ability to work, attend school, or earn a living can also happen at any time. MARTA, short for the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, is the eighth largest rapid transit system in the U.S. by ridership. MARTA transportation personal injuries are a common occurrence in Georgia often becoming necessary to file a personal injury claim. Marta Transportation System The Georgia transit MARTA transportation system includes public transport via bus, heavy rail rapid transit, light rail system, Atlanta Street Car (became part of the […]

Nursing Home Abuse Happens to 50% of Elders

Nursing home abuse is a nationwide problem that hits home hard in Georgia. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has reported that among all of the states in America, Georgia and Tennessee were the top worst in response time to reports of risk of serious injury or death in nursing homes. Federal guidelines require onsite investigations within two days of a complain, however in Georgia, it may take 15-days or more to send out an investigator.  Nursing Home Abuse Signs If you suspect a nursing home resident is being abused report it right away. Consulting with a personal injury attorney may also be […]

Top Ways to Increase Personal Injury Awards

Building a personal injury case where you receive compensation for your injuries and expenses is a team effort between you and your attorney. There are several top ways to help develop the strength of your claim which in turn will affect the damages you are awarded by the courts.   Top Types of Compensatory Damages   Some of the most common types of compensatory damages that are involved in many personal injury cases include:  Medical treatment – top ways for damages to be increased include cost of medical care, estimated costs for medical care and treatment needed in the future […]