School Bus Stop Accidents On The Rise Killing Children

Across the nation more school bus stop accidents are being reported that cause serious injury and death to young children on their way to or from school. The greatest risk to your child is not in riding a bus, but in approaching or leaving their school bus on any given day. School Bus Stop Accidents Rising Over 24-million children take a bus to school each day. Across the country more than 13-million times a year a driver will illegally pass a stopped school bus. The Georgia DOT urges drivers throughout the school year to put back to school safety first […]

Personal Injury Time Limits Impact Claim Awards

Personal injury time limits in Georgia will impact your ability to file a claim or receive compensation for injuries received. If you try to file a claim after the time limit the court can refuse to hear your case and you will lose your right to receive any awards that may have been made. Retaining a Georgia attorney experienced in personal injury law will protect your rights and ensure compliance. Personal Injury Time Limits in Georgia In Georgia, a time limit, also called a “statute of limitations,” applies to all personal injury related cases filed within the Georgia civil court […]

Personal Injury Claim Impacted by First Steps Taken

Almost 50 million Americans are injured every year according to The National Safety Council. The most common type of personal injury lawsuit and the majority of civil litigation in the U.S. involve injuries sustained in automobile accidents. Some of the other most commonly seen personal injury claims include slip and fall accidents, defective products, dog bites, medical malpractice, and construction accidents. Personal Injury First Steps The first steps taken following a personal injury can have a significant impact on your claim or lawsuit. Following a check list may affect the strength of your case, your reimbursement and compensation awarded, and […]

Amusement Park Vacation Injuries Common

Amusement park vacation fun is a common destination for day trips during longer summer travel plans. Georgia provides a large variety of amusement and theme parks all over the state as well as many within driving distance of Atlanta. Personal injuries are reported daily, some which only require minor treatment, however serious injuries happen every year where park management becomes liable and responsible for long term care and treatment compensation. Amusement Park Ride Safety The State of Georgia has a set of rules and regulations in place that requires all entertainment centers, theme and amusement park owners to have accident […]

Trucking Accidents Often Driver or Equipment Fault

Trucking accidents often cause serious personal injury due to the size and weight of these vehicles. Georgia Highway Safety reports show that these trucking accidents are often due to driver issues or equipment failures. Truck accident cases are often very complex involving more than just the driver and trucking company requiring the expert legal direction of a truck accident lawyer. Trucking Accident Laws Complex Truck accident cases are often complex as the responsible party may involve an out-of-state company, sub-contracted or independent truck drivers, improperly recorded trucking logs, state truck inspection issues, as well as discovering the factors that led […]

Slip and Fall Injuries Bring Jury Awards

Slip and Fall injuries can happen anywhere to anyone, however, as is very often the case, the cause was due to unsafe conditions, poor property care and maintenance, inadequate lighting or floor hazard signs found in public and private businesses across the State of Georgia. Over 1-million slip and fall injuries are reported in emergency room visits every year. Slip and Fall Hazards There are any endless number of reasons for a slip and fall accident to occur. Typical causes include frayed or uneven floor mats, insufficient lighting to adequately see floor hazards, wet or slippery floors, snow or ice […]

Birth Injury Negligence Has Lifelong Impact

In the United States up to 8% of all children, or three every hour, are born suffering a birth injury which results in long term medical complications, problems with normal development, permanent disability, or even death. The Brain Injury Association of America reports that traumatic brain injuries at delivery are one of the leading causes of a permanent life impacting birth injury. Birth Injury Resulting in Brain Injury Medical reports show that brain injuries received at birth typically result in long term permanent disability or death. Brain injury at birth is linked to cerebral palsy, erbs palsy, mental retardation, seizure […]

Medication Errors Injure Millions Every Year

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) report that 1.3 million people in the U.S. are injured every year by medication errors. The most common medical error reported in out-patient clinics, hospitals, long term care settings are medication errors. Medication mistakes have more than doubled over the course of a decade and many of the errors were preventable and point to human error. Medication Errors Drug Categories The medications most frequently associated with serious medical issues are most commonly taken by those over 50-years of age. The drug categories with the most errors reported include cardiovascular medications, blood pressure medications, pain […]

Fighting Traffic Ticket Complicated Without Lawyer

One of the most common reasons for contact with a police officer is during a traffic stop. Approximately half of all traffic stops result in a traffic ticket being issued. Fighting traffic ticket charges are generally first on a driver’s mind after receiving a ticket. The Bureau of Justice Statistics estimate over 26 million drivers a year are pulled over in a traffic stop. Fighting Traffic Ticket Reasons There are many reasons why you may choose to fight a traffic ticket. Some questions to consider when making that decision to move forward in fighting traffic ticket for moving or non-moving […]

Negligent Security Injury Brings Compensation Suit

Negligent security with resulting injury in Georgia may entitle you to compensation under the law. In Georgia, you may be eligible to recover medical bills, lost wages, or compensated for pain and suffering if a commercial or residential property’s lack of security contributed to you or a loved one’s injury or death as the victim of an attack. Negligent Security Defined Proper security measures must be in place on any commercial or residential property. While property managers and owners are not insurers of your safety, they are responsible to plan for and insure that foreseeable criminal acts do not occur […]