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Inflatable Bounce House Injuries On The Rise

Reports show that along with the increase in popularity of inflatable bounce house use at public and private events, injuries to children of all ages have skyrocketed. Half of those injured were between six and twelve years of age, and more than a third of bounce house injuries occur in children under the age of five and include arm, leg, head, and neck injuries. Inflatable Bounce House Injury Statistics The journal, Pediatrics, published a study that reported that a child was hurt every 46-minutes playing in or on an inflatable. The rate of reported injuries, other than scrapes and […]

Dog Bite Laws in Georgia Changed to Include Snapping

Dog bite laws in the State of Georgia have changed. Previously those who were bitten needed to show that the dog had already bitten someone and the owner knew about it – coined the “first bite rule.” Proving that a dog owner knew their pet had a propensity for violence or was vicious, without any documented reports was often a difficult legal task. Dog Bite Laws Changed The laws have been changed, through the High Court’s ruling, that an attempt to bite in the absence of provocation may be proof of a propensity to bite without provocation. In other words, […]

MARTA Transportation Personal Injuries Common

A personal injury can happen to anyone at any time. Personal injuries that impact your health, well-being, ability to work, attend school, or earn a living can also happen at any time. MARTA, short for the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, is the eighth largest rapid transit system in the U.S. by ridership. MARTA transportation personal injuries are a common occurrence in Georgia often becoming necessary to file a personal injury claim. Marta Transportation System The Georgia transit MARTA transportation system includes public transport via bus, heavy rail rapid transit, light rail system, Atlanta Street Car (became part of the […]