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Inflatable Bounce House Injuries On The Rise

Reports show that along with the increase in popularity of inflatable bounce house use at public and private events, injuries to children of all ages have skyrocketed. Half of those injured were between six and twelve years of age, and more than a third of bounce house injuries occur in children under the age of five and include arm, leg, head, and neck injuries.

Inflatable Bounce House Injury Statistics

The journal, Pediatrics, published a study that reported that a child was hurt every 46-minutes playing in or on an inflatable. The rate of reported injuries, other than scrapes and bruises, have continued to rise year by year. Two-thirds of inflatable bounce house injuries are to arms and legs. Fifteen percent of injuries involve the head and face. While most children injured are the result of one child falling onto another, more serious injuries such as serious neck damage or traumatic brain injuries do happen.

Inflatable Bounce House Responsibility

While inflatables are far less regulated than, say roller coaster rides, they can be just as dangerous. There are strict guidelines that direct proper installation, anchoring of the inflatable, weight and capacity limits for each type of inflatable, and use under a close eye on any changing weather conditions. In the event of a serious injury, those responsible, or held liable, for the accident injury may be the person who set the house up, the operator, installer, or even manufacturer. Working with an experienced personal injury attorney is advised to investigate exactly what contributed to your child’s injury.

Factors That May Contribute to Bounce House Injury

Proper installation and constant supervision are at the top of the list in helping to keep the children playing in an inflatable bounce house safe. Other factors that may contribute to an injury include:

  • Inflatables need to be on a surface that is flat, free from objects like tree branches, power lines, stakes or other hard items nearby on the ground
  • Inflatable entrances and exits need to have a soft landing like a rubber mat, mattress or similar landing pad, especially if house is on a hard surface, such as a parking lot
  • The plug and connection to the inflatable needs to be protected to prevent accidentally deflating and collapsing the house on children still inside
  • The house is properly anchored, not just weighted down with sand bags. Inflatables are quick to tip, fly away, or roll over with a quick burst of wind, even when full of children and weighed down.
  • Too many children in the house, children of different ages in the house, and children trying to flip and roll in the house are all hazards.
  • Children who enter the house wearing shoes, glasses, jewelry, and the like which can cause injuries or poke a hole into the inflatable resulting in a collapse of the house onto the children

Negligence with Bounce House Injury

Working with a qualified lawyer will determine negligence in a personal injury case. In reviewing your case for negligence the following will be investigated:

  • Were safety guidelines followed from set-up to take-down?
  • Was a mix of children of different ages and sizes allowed in the house?
  • Who was responsible for supervision throughout use of the house?
  • What contractual documents were in place between company running the house and those renting it?
  • Were too many children inside the house at any time? What were the capacity limits for the inflatable? Weight limit?
  • Was the inflatable secured properly and safely?
  • When was the last safety inspection of the house?
  • Were local regulations followed and adhered to?
  • Was adequate insurance (private or homeowner) in effect?
  • Did weather conditions play a role in the injury? Was the house closed due to changing weather that could result in injury?

Inflatable Bounce House Injury Attorney

Accidents happen, however, when fun turns to injury and negligence is the cause, it is time to consult with an expert in personal injury law. Call attorney Joel Baskin for a confidential appointment today.

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