School Bus Stop Accidents On the Rise Again

School bus stop accidents have been in the news across the nation since school started back up this year. As a parent, we look to be sure our children are safe, but more and more children are injured waiting for the bus, or crossing the street at the school bus stop. With seasonable time changes, it is often darker in the mornings when children are waiting for and getting onto the school bus, which makes it even more dangerous to use the bus. Inattentive, and careless drivers are putting children at risk every day. Millions of Drivers Pass Stopped School […]

Sidewalks Hazardous to Your Physical Health

Sidewalks hazardous to your physical health are everywhere. Many do not give sidewalk safety a second thought as they exist in cities, in rural communities, around neighborhoods, next to public and private spaces, and well, just about anywhere that people walk. A simple sidewalk crack, broken edge, or a sudden change in slope or height between one section and another can cause a trip, fall and personal injury. Unsafe sidewalks have become a common cause of physical harm and injury across the U.S. Sidewalks Hazardous to Anyone of Any Age With over 24% of pedestrian injuries due to a trip […]

Sexual Harassment Claims High in Georgia

Sexual harassment claims have recently become center stage in the news with women coming forward to make legal claims and demand change. In the U.S. sexual harassment in employment, in academia, or by housing management of landlords is illegal. Sexual Harassment Definition The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, EEOC, defines sexual harassment as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, as well as any of the following sexual verbal or physical conduct: Submission to sexual conduct as a term or condition of one’s employment where one feels their employment status is jeopardized Submission or rejection of the sexual conduct is used […]

Safe Boating – It’s Your Responsibility

Refresh your knowledge on safe boating procedures before you go out on the water. It will go a long way in helping keep you, your family, and others from possible accident injury. National safe boating week was May 21 – 27 this year. Using life jackets was the top priority of National Safe Boating week this year. A short list of some of the most important boating safety tips include: Always Use Life Jackets Have up-to-date registration on your vessel Operator should not consume alcohol Check on-board safety equipment – make sure everything is working Be knowledgeable about marine signs […]