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Misconceptions Regarding Personal Injury Claims

There are many misconceptions regarding personal injury claims which often impact a victim and their family from filing legal paperwork. Very often the injured and their family are not well equipped to manage the procedures, filing requirements, or courts alone.

Misconceptions Regarding Qualifications

Insurance companies do not generally freely provide, or pay out, benefits on simple claims. Even on more complex personal injury claims, there is need for ample evidence and specific qualification. In order to get compensation, not only for injury, wage loss, treatment, and medical costs, but also for claims of pain and suffering, a specific legal process and claim qualification needs to be met.

Personal Injury Types Impact Claim Compensation

Injured victims of a personal injury generally fall into specific types of injury. Injury may fall into permanent serious disfigurement including loss of limb or body parts, serious impairment where one can no longer live their life as prior, and claims for death made by the surviving relatives. When any of these three types are a reason for the personal injury claim, you are more likely to receive compensation. If pain and suffering are the main impetus of the claim, a qualified attorney will help to prove that any of the above noted types of injury become more likely to occur.

Misconceptions Regarding Personal Injury Claims

Following are some of the main misconceptions that many have regarding retaining a lawyer in a personal injury claim.

  • Personal injury claims and cases are long and drawn out. Very often, these types of cases never make it to the courtroom, typically ending in settlements reached outside of the court. While serious cases may take longer, many cases are settled within 8-12 months.
  • Minor injuries do not require a personal injury attorney. Even with simple injuries, you are entitled to having your medical expenses covered. Feeling alright now, does not mean you will not require care and treatment in a few weeks or a month from the time of the injury. A quick insurance settlement may not adequately meet your medical needs or cover your lost wages and time out of work.
  • Holding out will result in a larger settlement. The best course of action is to retain a qualified personal injury attorney to work for you and to negotiate the best settlement and compensation award. An experienced lawyer is often better equipped at securing the best settlement than even your own insurance company.
  • There is plenty of time to file a personal injury lawsuit. With personal injury claims there is a “statute of limitations” which begins from the moment you are injured. In most cases, two years is the limit in which to file. Waiting to file also means that witness statements, accident documentation, medical evaluations, and other important needed paperwork may be lost or is no longer available.

Personal Injury Attorney Works for You

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