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Technology Complicates Person Injury Claim Process

Technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives from smart phones, internet use, to security camera systems found in the home, the community, and at work. Technology complicates personal injury claims in some important legal ways, with personal injury lawyers now needing to be acutely aware of the impact modern technology may have on their client’s case.

Technology Complicates Pros and Cons

While technology has many positive aspects, with a personal injury case, technology complicates the situation in several ways. Technology impacts the presentation and documentation used in a personal injury claim with the availability of devices that capture information all around us. Cameras on phones, on security cameras, traffic web cams, dash-cams, and the like can all capture an event that can become admissible in legal proceedings. Tracking devices, such as GPS or location trackers also capture data that can be utilized by either party in a law suit.

Technology Complicates in Various Ways

With so many devices found in one’s daily life, data can be used for, or against, a personal injury case. Some of the ways that technology can impact on a legal case include:

  • Video recordings can significantly improve ability to recall details
  • Photos or videos may show discrepancies in what was verbally reported
  • GPS and tracking devices can prove or disprove where you were at any given time
  • Phone location service options likewise, can give a time/date stamp to a person’s whereabouts
  • Health monitoring devices and applications may be used to show your general health state (i.e., heart rate, activity level, blood glucose levels, blood pressure, etc.) during a specific time, which may work for or against your case
  • Mandatory disclosure laws may impact your claim. If legally compelled to disclose all information this includes data from technology, no matter if the recordings or data are not favorable to your case

Technology Savvy Attorney

Recordings and location trackers are all around us in our daily lives at work, in the community, and at home. In a personal injury case, it is imperative to have an attorney who is up-to-date on how the use of technology complicates and can impact your case. Call the offices of attorney Joel Baskin, for a confidential appointment to discuss your specific situation and needs.

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