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Improperly Store Assembled Items Cause Personal Injury

When buying some hard to assemble items the purchaser often takes advantage of letting the store put the product together for them. Improperly store assembled items can cause serious personal injury, especially when the assembly is performed by untrained store personnel. Buying a product, and often paying an extra fee to have it pre-assembled for you does not guarantee that it is safe to use.

Improperly Store Assembled Items on the Rise

Some of the items where the buyer may take advantage of store pre-assembly include bicycles, BBQ grills, push mowers, outdoor power equipment, battery powered children’s ride-on toys, shelving units, and so on. With today’s busy lifestyle many people appreciate pre-assembly and do not think twice about the ability of the person who is actually putting the item together for them.

Improperly Store Assembled Personal Injury Claims

Serious personal injury can occur as the result of an improperly tightened bolt or cable, handle attachments that come loose or fall off, a shelving unit support that was damaged during assembly, a propane connection that was not connected safely and adequately, a support leg that was not secured appropriately, or an assembler who did not use all of the required parts, or substituted parts of the incorrect size or strength. Injury resulting from improperly store assembled items are cause for filing a personal injury claim.

Common Store Assembly Errors

Some examples of an injury due to assembly errors include:

• A bike rider sustains a fall from bike due to handle bars sliding out of place or brake cables not working
• A BBQ grill leg gives way tipping over onto a person, or it sparks and or explodes due to improperly secured propane connections
• A lawn mower’s blades break or fly off due to improper bolt tightening or improper size of bolts and pins used to attach the blades
• Outdoor power equipment cables or handles break or detach causing loss of control
• A shelving unit loaded with items gives way and injuries a person due to improper shelf stability caused by using the wrong size of support pins or bolts during assembly

Compensation for Improperly Store Assembled Injuries

It is always good advice to consult with a personal injury attorney to discuss your specific claim and extent of injury. Some of the compensation you may seek after a personal injury can include:

• Payment for medical bills, treatment, and continuing care
• Loss of income or wages, if injured victim is unable to work
• Pain and suffering related to the injury
• Possible punitive damage if willful negligence is found
• Other additional personal injury awards may be sought by your attorney

Personal Injury Attorney Ready to Evaluate Your Claim

If you have suffered an injury from an improperly store assembled item, call the office of Joel Baskin, an expert in personal injury law for a confidential evaluation of your case.

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