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Motorcycle Accident Season in Atlanta

With summer approaching and bringing nicer weather to ride motorcycles in, Atlanta is seeing motorcycle accident season arrive. More riders on the roads often mean an increase in the number of accidents and injuries on a daily basis. Drivers of a car, truck, or commercial vehicle are often the responsible party when a collection with a motorcycle occurs.

Motorcycle Accident Season and Driver Negligence

The majority of motorcycle accidents are the result of driver negligence. A driver may easily miss seeing the bike when switching lanes, becoming distracted by a phone call or events in the car, heavy traffic, road construction lane changes, or in making a turn on the roadways. A motorcycle is both smaller and easier to cause the rider to lose control when being clipped or hit by a car or truck. Being thrown from a bike usually results in serious injury that may be life-altering, cause head injury, or death.

Motorcycle Accident Season Statistics

According to the National Highway Safety Administration data base, almost 5,000 bike riders were killed, almost 90,000 injured, and 84,000 motorcyclists were involved in a crash during a one-year period – these numbers indicate that if a motorcycle accident occurs it is almost assured that there will be an injury. While the accident may be the result of driver negligence, it can also be caused by a driver who is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, by a driver who is inexperienced with driving in traffic, or one who is lost with their attention focused on signs rather than others on the road next to them.

Motorcycle Injury Lawyer Directs Claim

If you have received injuries from a motorcycle accident with another vehicle it is crucial to obtain legal representation as soon as possible to make sure all of your needs are being met and adequately compensated for. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer will provide the legal guidance in:

  • Getting you the medical evaluation, treatment and care that you need
  • Negotiating with the all insurance companies involved for optimal benefit coverage
  • Making sure you receive all required on-going care and treatment
  • Planning for long term treatment or permanent disability
  • Repairing or replacing the motorcycle
  • Documenting all lost wages and time from work for treatment and injuries
  • Assisting with compensation for financial hardship and emotional distress
  • Working to obtain full compensation for all of your losses
  • Obtaining the best settlement possible
  • Providing legal representation throughout the claim process

Motorcycle Accident Atlanta Attorney

Injured motorcyclists need an experienced lawyer who works for you from day one through settlement. Whether your accident occurs during prime riding season or in the middle of winter, Joel Baskin makes negligent drivers accountable in Atlanta and works to protect your rights. Call the office for legal consultation on your case.

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