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I-285 Variable Speed Limit in Cobb, Fulton & DeKalb Aims to Reduce Car Accidents, Improve Traffic Flow

The Georgia Department of Transportation plans on implementing variable speed limits on a section of I-285 that runs through Cobb, Fulton, & DeKalb counties in September 2014.

Georgia DOT recognizes that the 36 mile stretch of I-285 north of the I-20 connector called “The Top End” is among the most congested of roads in Metro Atlanta. By introducing VSL (variable speed limits) in this area the hope is that it will help to relieve congestion and improve safety for the area.

What Does it Mean to Have a Variable Speed Limit?

Using the variable speed limit system means the speed limit can be changed remotely through the use of electronic signs as needed depending on traffic congestion, car accidents, breakdowns, weather, or any road condition such as debris in the roadway in order to slow traffic for increased safety and to increase traffic speeds when conditions again allow for faster travel. The top speed limit will increase from 55 to 65 when VSL is implemented.

Traffic Management Center operators will be able to make real time, instant adjustments to the speed limit through the use of electronic signs that will alert drivers to speed changes that will take place ahead of them. These changes will be similar to the VSL that was implemented on the South Side of I-285 last fall.

“The Georgia DOT estimates that as many as 50,000 more vehicles (100,000 in some corridors) traverse the “Top End” compared to south side I-285 and there are also twice as many interchanges. All of this increased traffic results in more merging, weaving, and congestion putting drivers at greater risk of a crash because of sudden stops and lane changes.

Variable Speed Limit System Not Always Successful

These changes should help to move traffic along more smoothly and quickly but will also allow for decreased speeds when road conditions change. Car accidents will not cease to happen, but the hope is that these changes will help to decrease them.

Studies in other cities using VSL show mixed results. In some cities it has been successful in reducing car accidents and improving traffic flow. In St. Louis, VSL was not successful and they have returned to fixed speed limits after the VSL system proved confusing to drivers and ineffective. Time will tell how well VSL will work on The Top End of I-285.

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