Back to School Safety is Everyone’s Business

Every fall when school starts back up drivers are faced with more traffic, more delays due to a stopped and loading school bus, and an increased need of attention due to children walking or riding their bike to school. The Georgia DOT urges drivers every fall and throughout the school year to put back to school safety first when around school zones, when children are on or near the roadway, and when a school bus is loading or unloading students.

School Related Vehicle Accidents

Accident research data has shown that more children are hit by a car near a school than at any other location. The National Safety Council reports that most children who lose their lives in a back to school bus related accident are between four and seven years old who have been hit by either the bus or by a motorist who is illegally passing a stopped bus.

Back to School Safety is for Everyone

It is important for drivers to slow down and pay attention when children are present on or near the roadways. During peak traffic hours before and after school it is important to:

  • Obey school bus laws: 1) Stop behind and do not pass a school bus loading or unloading children; 2) If school bus lights are flashing and the stop arm is extended then opposing traffic must stop as well unless on a divided highway with a median.
  • Watch for school children gathering near the bus stop
  • Watch for children who may run or step into the street
  • Watch for students walking or riding their bikes back to school
  • Pay attention to school zone speed limits
  • Watch for school zone flashing beacons or warning signs

School Student Accident Attorney

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