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Don’t Let The Insurance Company Short Change You

Insurance companies are businesses, not charities. So it is not surprising that they are in business to make money. That means when you file a claim with an insurance company they are going to be thinking about their own bottom line and paying you the least amount of compensation they can. If you have been seriously injured in a car accident, a slip & fall while shopping, or any type of accident injury where another person or party was at fault, you will eventually be dealing with the “at fault” party’s insurance company.

You need someone on your side. Someone who understands the injury claim process, how insurance companies offer settlements, is experienced at negotiation, and can build a strong personal injury claim for you so you can demand fair and full compensation. That someone is your personal injury attorney.

Personal injury attorneys handle many types of accident injury cases including motor vehicle accidents, premises liability, product liability, medical malpractice, nursing home neglect, and dog attacks. No matter how you have suffered a serious injury it is always a good idea to check with a personal injury attorney to learn about your rights and if you are entitled to compensation.

How Insurance Companies Base their Settlement Offers

Insurance company adjusters base the amount they offer for settlement on the strength of your claim based on medical bills and any other information needed to place a value on your claim. They also weigh that against your chance of winning at trial and how much a jury might award you for your damages. They often put pressure on the injured person to accept their settlement before they have recovered from their injures and before they may understand that once they accept, they cannot come back later and request more compensation.

Some damages in personal injury cases are easier to place a value on such as medical bills and lost wages. Other damages are more difficult to calculate. How do you place a value on pain & suffering, disability, emotional injury, or loss of consortium?

Personal Injury Attorneys Protect their Clients

It is always the best course of action to consult with a personal injury attorney if you or a family member has been seriously injured due to the fault of another. Most personal injury attorneys offer a free initial consultation, so you can find out if you have a valid and strong case without having to worry about how you are going to pay for it.

It is common for personal injury attorneys to work on a contingency basis so they only get paid if they win your case and the fee is a percentage of the damages you win. You can ask your attorney up front the percentage he charges as it can vary depending on the complexity of your case and whether or not it proceeds to trial.

Attorney Joel Baskin, Experience on Your Side

Contact Atlanta personal injury attorney Joel Baskin for help with your accident injury claim if you live in the Atlanta area. Joel is an experienced attorney with an excellent reputation who has been serving his community for over 20 years.

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