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Georgia Parking Tickets Can Lead to Big Fines

The State of Georgia has numerous violations for which you could receive parking tickets. The fines for a parking ticket may vary depending on the area, or jurisdiction, where you received your ticket and fine. Each jurisdiction in Georgia has its own local ordinances, but the parking laws listed below apply to all jurisdictions in the state.

Disputing Parking Tickets in Georgia

Disputes for parking tickets must be made within 14 days from the date of the ticket. A copy of the ticket must accompany the dispute form. Specific information regarding the ticket number must be included. It may take up to 60 days for your dispute to be reviewed and processed. If you fail to appear for any scheduled court hearing you may face additional penalties and fines.

Guilty or Nolo Contendere Plea

If you choose to not consult with a parking ticket attorney you may find yourself entering either a guilty plea or a nolo contendere plea. With both of these pleas you will be required to satisfy the ruling of the court, which can include paying a fine. The judge in some circumstances may order jail time, completion of community service, or educational programs.  With the numerous traffic ticket violations and differences among Georgia jurisdictions, legal advice is highly recommended before paying any fines or making any plea.

Examples of Parking Violations in Georgia

All of the following parking situations are illegal and you are subject to a fine and/or penalties:

  • on the sidewalk
  • within an intersection
  • on a crosswalk
  • on a bridge, in a tunnel, on any railroad tracks
  • on any elevated part of highway
  • in front of a public driveway
  • within 15’ of a fire hydrant, 20’ of a crosswalk,
  • within 30’ of any stop sign, signal or traffic light
  • within 20’ of fire station or 75’ if there is a sign posted
  • within 50’ of a railroad crossing
  • anywhere a sign prohibits parking or stopping
  • numerous other parking violations exist; not being aware of a traffic regulation does not excuse you from the violation

A list of Atlanta fines and offenses can be found online.

Parking Violation Attorney

If you feel you can contest the violation of the Georgia parking law contact Attorney Joel Baskin for a confidential discussion of your situation.

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