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Georgia’s Operation Zero Tolerance set to stop impaired drivers with DUI and reduce traffic violations

Holiday weekends are notorious for an increase in traffic incidents and a higher concentration of law enforcement activities. During the 2012 Labor Day holiday period, troopers arrested 240 people for DUI, issued 983 citations for seat belt violations and recovered six stolen vehicles. While we can’t turn back the clock, you can look ahead to the next big holiday weekend that is approaching, Labor Day Weekend, and make sure you don’t become a statistic.

During these peak times, law enforcement braces itself to crack down on drivers. This year is no exception. In an Aug. 21 press release, law enforcement officials announced they have teamed up across the state for Operation Zero Tolerance, a high visibility campaign to arrest impaired drivers. Now through midnight on Labor Day, patrols are out in higher concentration and additional roadchecks will be setup.

Chances of Traffic Violations & Incidents Higher

The labor day weekend is a busy one in Atlanta with many activities and events that greatly increase traffic coming into and going out of the city and flooding roadways all over Georgia. A series of Races at the Atlanta Motor Speedway and Dragon Con, just to name a couple of big events, will bring in thousands of visitors, crowding the roadways.

In the best of times vehicle accidents happen, but when the roadways are inundated with thousands of extra vehicles going to and from major holiday events the incidence of car accidents is certain to rise. If you are planning on driving during the Labor Day weekend, you need to be extra cautious, allow extra time to get to your destination, and never drink and drive.

Traffic Violation & DUI Defense Attorney in Atlanta, Vinings, East Point

If you have been arrested with a DUI or have been issued traffic citations, your criminal defense attorney will take the time necessary to prepare a strong defense. He will thoroughly investigate the incident, including making sure the police followed proper procedures. If the arresting officer did not follow them properly, it can put the state’s case at risk.

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