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Injured At A Sporting Event?

Heading off to a favorite sporting event we look forward to a fun time and don’t think about the possibility of being injured there. A day at the ball park, the excitement of a Nascar race, cheering on your team at a hockey game or any type of sporting event carries the expectation of a good time in a safe place; however, every year thousands of people are injured at sporting events.

Can You Sue For Injuries Suffered at a Sporting Event?

When you purchase a ticket for a sporting event, there is usually fine print on the back, a general release of liability, warning that the holder of the ticket assumes any risk or danger associated with that event. For example at a baseball game it can be expected that some balls are going to fly into the stands and spectators need to be alert to avoid being hit by a foul ball. Flying balls, bats etc. are considered a natural part of the game and by purchasing that ticket you are agreeing that the stadium and/or the team cannot be held liable for injuries from those types of things. Sometimes injuries occur partly due to the consumption of alcohol which causes people to use less care.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution recounts how in May 2008 an enthusiastic fan fell to his death at Turner Field from the upper deck behind home plate when he lost his balance while trying to catch a fly ball and in August 2013 another man died after falling 65 feet into the parking lot from Tuner Field’s 400 level in the concession area. In both incidents alcohol was found to be a factor. Cases where the injured person contributed to their injuries, such as the consumption of alcohol, is called contributory negligence and can limit how much can be recovered for damages.

Many times injures occur because the event has not provided sufficient crowd control or there is inadequate security. There could be a problem with defective design, operation, or maintenance at the event. It can be argued that Injuries arising from these types of problems cannot be considered as arising from a natural part of the game or event.

When an injury occurs on public or private property that was caused because of a failure of some kind on the part of the property owner or manager to provide a standard of care for the public, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your injuries. This is based on the theory of premises liability.

Most Personal Injury Attorneys Offer Free Initial Consultation

Never assume you cannot recover compensation for an injury at a sporting event. You should check with a personal injury attorney about the specific circumstances of your case to see if you have a good claim under the theory of premises liability.

If you or a loved one is injured at a sporting event in the Atlanta area you should consider consulting with premises liability attorney Joel Baskin. Joel has earned a good reputation over almost 20 years of serving the victims of accident injury in the Atlanta area.

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