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Negligent Security and Protection Cause Personal Injury

Negligent Security and Protection Cause Personal Injury

Negligent security liability is a claim against a property owner for harm caused through the reckless or intentional criminal conduct of another person, or due to the negligence to provide adequate security which results in injury or death. This claim places a duty on the land or business owner to protect them from the criminal acts of others that cause injury that may occur due to lack of sufficient security, lighting, crowd control, or warnings for example.

Location Examples for Negligent Security Claims

Claims for negligent security are typically associated with injuries incurred through a criminal act that happens in and around apartment buildings, parking garages, shopping centers, hotels/motels, and other business where there may be unsupervised areas. Negligent security liability may also be claimed on a school campus, church grounds, outdoor festival and the like – seeing legal counsel after an attack or injury away from home is a first step toward compensation for your injuries and loss.

Personal Injury Due to Failure to Provide Security or Post Warnings

In claims against a property owner for negligence which allowed a criminal attack or injury, the following negligent acts will be examined:

  • Failure to provide adequate lighting
  • Failure to provide adequate security gates, doors, fences or locks
  • Failure to provide proper crowd control measures at events
  • Failure to provide and/or monitor any security cameras in place
  • Failure to provide for a security patrol or offer security patrol options
  • Failure to adequately warn of any potential danger situations
  • Failure to respond to a security alert
  • Failure to warn of prior incidents of criminal conduct or harm on the property
  • Failure to provide for determents to criminal activity on the property

Compensation for Negligent Security in Georgia

If you or a loved one are the victim of a crime that occurs on another person’s property, and that criminal act has resulted in physical injury or death, you may be eligible to recover damages in the State of Georgia through a negligent security premises liability claim. Your case may include compensatory damages for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering.

Georgia Negligent Security Attorney

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