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Product Defects Liability Injuries Top 30-Million Yearly

Product Liability claims commonly arise from a design, manufacturing, or marketing defect. More than 30-Million product liability injuries and deaths occur every year making these product defects a serious concern across the United States.

Product Defects Result in Liability Cases

There are three types of product defects that can cause personal injury and result in a product liability law suit.  The three types of product defects are design defects, manufacturing defects, and marketing defects. Most product defects hold the manufacturer or seller responsible for any harm caused by the defect. Consumers do not expect to purchase a defective or dangerous product and can expect U.S. laws to protect them in the event of injury.

Product Defects – Design Defects

In this type of product defect, the problem exists before the product is even manufactured. Design defects make the product inherently dangerous to anyone who purchases it. Some examples of a design defect include, sunglasses that do not protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays, electrical products that shock the user during its use, products that collapse or flip over unexpectedly.

Product Defects – Manufacturing Defects

The product in case is found to be defective during the manufacturing process. An entire line or batch of a product may be affected. Recalls of products are often the result of a discovered manufacturing defect. Specific numbers of the product, if not all of a model or type of a product are affected, making them different and dangerous. You may purchase a defective or flawed product out of a group of properly manufactured items and pay the price with injury or death. Some examples include power tools with a cracked belt or chain, ATV’s with missing brake pads, children’s play equipment with weak bolts or supports.

Product Defects – Marketing Defects

Marketing defects are often seen by incomplete, inaccurate, or missing warnings and instructions that are included with a product. When a dangerous product, like a power tool, lawn mower, cleaning chemicals, or even medications, are sold, they need adequate warnings at to the risk of their use. Some examples that can lead to a product liability failure-to-warn-claim include selling a paint remover without instructions for safe use, handling, or storage, over-the-counter drugs that do not include interaction warnings or dangerous side effects. Products that cause harm or injury that do not include sufficient warning may entitle you to a product liability claim.

Product Deficits Liability Attorney

If you have been injured through the use of a product that you feel was the fault of the product design, manufacture, or marketing, contact Joel Baskin, attorney, an expert in personal injury and product liability for a comprehensive review of your specific case.

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