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Road Rage Behaviors Get Fired Up in Summer Heat

Road rage behaviors occurs throughout the year in Georgia, but during the summer, with higher temperatures road rage gets fired up! Driving in hot, humid, weather often increases frustration and agitation, leading to impatience, stressed driving, and even anger on the roadways.

Road Rage Laws in Georgia

In Georgia there are laws specific to road rage behaviors or aggressive driving. The State of Georgia defines road rage or aggressive driving as operating a motor vehicle with the intent to annoy, harass, injure, intimidate, or obstruct another person. The road rage and aggressive driving behaviors may be directed toward another driver, a pedestrian, passengers in another vehicle. In some instances, even the passengers in the vehicle driven by someone with road rage may be able to file a complaint or claim.

Road Rage Aggressive Behaviors

There are several types of road rage behaviors that can serve as basis for a complaint and claim. Some of the aggressive or violent types of behaviors include:

  • Yelling obscenities at others
  • Using rude gestures while behind the wheel
  • Blasting the horn
  • Driving in a dangerous or threatening manner
  • Hitting another vehicle with your vehicle
  • Running others off the road
  • Getting out of your vehicle and physically confronting another person or driver
  • Inciting the passengers in your car to fight with another person
  • Using any kind of weapon to inflict harm on another person or property

Road Rage Penalties and Consequences in Georgia

In the State of Georgia, those charged with aggressive driving face one of the most serious traffic violations in the state of Georgia.

  • The first offense may result in a six-month license suspension
  • Second and later offenses can result in a one-year license suspension
  • Fines up to $5,000
  • Required completion of a Road Rage course
  • Insurance coverage does not pay for intentional acts, meaning you will pay out-of-pocket
  • Insurance premiums increase
  • You are responsible for court fees and expenses, legal fees
  • Financial responsibility for damages, care, and possible life-long support of injured parties
  • Possible jail time and/or community service

If you have been a victim of road rage behaviors, contact an attorney well versed in the laws of Georgia to file a complaint and a claim.

Experienced Road Rage Lawyer Needed

If you have been the victim of road rage you need expert legal advice and guidance to protect your rights, help receive maximum compensation for injuries and damage, and to keep safe from further retaliation. Call the office of Joel Baskin for a confidential consultation.

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