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Safe Boating – It’s Your Responsibility

Refresh your knowledge on safe boating procedures before you go out on the water. It will go a long way in helping keep you, your family, and others from possible accident injury. National safe boating week was May 21 – 27 this year.

Using life jackets was the top priority of National Safe Boating week this year. A short list of some of the most important boating safety tips include:

  • Always Use Life Jackets
  • Have up-to-date registration on your vessel
  • Operator should not consume alcohol
  • Check on-board safety equipment – make sure everything is working
  • Be knowledgeable about marine signs and markers
  • Check weather and wave conditions
  • File a float plan

Safe Boating & Alcohol Do Not Mix

Alcohol affects a person’s judgement, vision, balance and coordination. Just as it adversely affects the operator of a car, it also is bad for the operator of a boat. When the operator of a boat is under the influence of alcohol it increases the risk of being involved in a boat accident. That is bad for the operator, his passengers, and any other boats in the area. It is estimated that 33% of all fatal boating accidents involved alcohol.

It is illegal in every state to operate a boat or any type of watercraft while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

Summer is here and the lakes and waterways will have many people out in their boats and on other types of watercraft like jet skis. Take the time to make sure you know all the rules, have the proper safety equipment (like U.S. Coast Guard approved marine-type fire extinguishers), and that your watercraft and equipment is in good shape and operating properly. Safe boating is not an accident, it is intentional. Make sure you are intentional about boating safety!

If the worst happens and you or a family member is seriously injured in a boating accident caused by another, you should protect your rights and make sure you get help from an experienced personal injury attorney. Your attorney can make sure you receive the compensation you need for your injuries including medical expenses, rehabilitation, loss of income, property damage, and future medical expenses for debilitating injury to name a few.

Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney Joel Baskin

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Joel has offices in Vinings and South Point and has been helping people in Metro Atlanta, including Cobb and Fulton Counties for over 2 decades.

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