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Store Assembly Mistakes Cause Injury

Many people today do not have the time, skill, or tools needed to assemble items like a bicycle, BBQ grill, lawn mower, or other larger outdoor equipment. When a product is not put together correctly by store assembly personnel, an everyday item can become dangerous and lead to severe injuries.

Personal Injury Claims Related to Store Assembly

Bicycles roll out of Walmart, Target, sporting goods stores and bicycle shops all over the country every day. It has been found that those assembling the bikes are often not specially trained with the unhappy result of a poor store assembly job, which can lead to serious injury. A loose bolt, a brake cable incorrectly attached, the front wheel assembly comes apart are just a few assembly errors that have occurred causing injury.

A law suit initiated in January of this year is claiming Walmart is liable for at least $5 million dollars in damages to customers who were physically injured on bikes assembled in the store.

Common Store Assembly Errors

Other common reports of injury to emergency rooms and in claims filed include BBQ grills that explode, catch fire or tip over burning the customer, or lawn mower injuries from cables that snap or handle attachments that come loose causing loss of control of mower direction. Stores like Lowes or Home Depot for example will assemble grills and outdoor equipment for a fee for customers who need that service provided for them.

Examples of bike injuries were demonstrated when the handle bars slid out of place due to an improperly installed bolt causing loss of control; the rider fell and sustained injury to his face, shoulder and right side of body. In another example a child was thrown over the handlebars and hit the pavement face-first when the front wheel broke free from the attachment fork of bicycle. In both instances the bikes were purchased with free store assembly.

Compensation for Injuries

Consult with a personal injury attorney to discuss your specific claim and extent of injury. Some of the compensation you may seek after an injury with store assembled equipment can include:

  • Payment for medical bills
  • Loss of income if injured victim is unable to work
  • Pain and suffering
  • Possible punitive damage if willful negligence shown
  • Additional awards may be sought in personal injury claim

Personal Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one has been injured by using a product you had received store assembly for, contact Attorney Joel Baskin for a confidential consultation of your case.

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