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Top 10 Tips on Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer

Many people never have the need to consult with or hire an attorney. There are numerous legal matters that do not require the services of a lawyer, however, it becomes essential when involved in a personal injury that may impact your future health and financial security. The following top 10 tips can help guide you in choosing the right personal injury lawyer to represent you.

Top 10 Tips in Finding the Right Personal Injury Attorney

While the following list may not be the only considerations you want to check out, these factors will help guide you through the process of retaining the best lawyer for your case.

  1. Use your network of friends and associates for a referral to a lawyer they have personally worked with, or check with your state’s bar association for a referral list
  2. Check to be sure they are a member in good standing with their state and local bar association 
  3. Review online rating guides for a better feel for how their clients rate their skill, reputation, and experience. Look for the overall feel and ratings. Are there professional rating reviews as well as client reviews?
  4. Narrow your search to attorneys and law firms that handle personal injury cases
  5. Does the lawyer or firm show a history of successful outcomes in personal injury claims?
  6. What is the professional experience of the lawyer or firm you are considering? Have they been to trial? What types of personal injury cases have they won? How long have they been practicing in the state? You need a lawyer who knows the legal system, how to file court documents properly, and is able to meet deadlines and protocol.
  7. Do they have the financial strength to cover medical experts, medical record reviews, product engineering specialists, financial accountants, and so forth? Complicated personal injury cases are often expensive to bring from review to trial.
  8. Discuss any fees that will either be taken out of your compensation award, or if you need to pay for their legal services regardless of the outcome of the case.
  9. How easy is it to speak with the attorney handling your case? Will you be working primarily with one or several different lawyers?
  10. Go with your “gut.” Do you feel confident and comfortable with the attorney or firm you are planning to work with? Do they make you feel that you are important and they will fight for maximum compensation?

The Right Personal Injury Lawyer Crucial for Success

Suffering a personal injury typically puts your life on hold. Get the peace of mind you want by putting your case in the hands of a seasoned personal injury professional who meets all top 10 tips. Call Joel Baskin for a confidential legal consultation today.

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