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Unsafe sidewalk & parking lot conditions lead to premises liability claims

Have you been injured from a slip & fall accident on melting snow and/or ice on the sidewalk or in a parking lot of a business? Along with winter’s falling temperatures, residents of Atlanta also have to deal with snow and ice on occasion. Business owners and managers need to be vigilant about snow and ice accumulation on sidewalks and in parking lots adjacent to their business establishments. This is because the accumulation of snow and ice presents a slip & fall hazard to the public and property owners have a legal responsibility to provide a  “relatively safe environment” which is known as premises liability.

Property owners and managers are responsible for keeping these outside areas that are adjacent to their property clear of any potentially hazardous conditions such as ice and snow that can cause serious injury to anyone who suffers a slip & fall accident. Failure of the business or property owner to regularly inspect for dangerous conditions and take steps to alleviate them puts them at risk for a premises liability claim.

What is Needed to File a Successful Injury Claim?

Unsafe sidewalk and parking lot conditions can also happen at other times of the year for a number of different reasons such as standing water, cracks and uneven pavement, inadequate lighting, and even inadequate security in areas known to have problems with crime.

If you have been injured in a slip & fall accident or any type of accident on the sidewalk or in a parking lot that was caused by an unsafe condition, it is important to take pictures of the area, get witness statements if possible and contact an experienced Atlanta personal injury attorney right away. Your attorney will know what evidence is important for your claim and how to collect that evidence. He can protect your rights and give you the information you need to know in determining if you will want to proceed with a premises liability claim.

These types of personal injury claims can be complicated and a personal injury attorney has the knowledge and experience to know if you have a good case for injury compensation. Most personal injury attorneys will give you a free initial consultation to look over your personal injury claim and advise you on its merits.

If you have been injured in a wintertime slip & fall accident, or any unsafe condition which caused you to be injured you should get the advice of an experienced Atlanta personal injury attorney like Joel Baskin. Joel has over 17 years of experience successfully representing victims of slip & fall accidents in Atlanta including Cobb County & Fulton County.

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Contact Joel Baskin for your slip & fall accident at one of his two convenient Atlanta office locations in East Point, or Vinings, Georgia. As an Atlanta personal injury attorney, Joel is there to help you recover compensation for your premises liability claim.

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