Amusement Park Summertime Accidents Common

Summertime fun and good times can often be ruined by an injury or accident at a local Georgia amusement park or entertainment center. In Georgia there is a set of rules and regulations for Amusement Ride Safety that requires any theme park that operates a ride to have accident insurance coverage for liability or injuries that happen in that park. Park owners have a responsibility to make the park and the rides safe for public use.

Common Georgia Amusement Parks

The State of Georgia has numerous theme and water parks across the state, many around and within driving distance of Atlanta. Some of the parks where accidents and injury to both children and adults have occurred include Six Flags over Georgia in Austell, Six Flags Whitewater in Atlanta/Marietta, Wild Adventures Theme Park in Valdosta, Skyview in Atlanta, Lake Winnie Amusement Park in Rossville, LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Atlanta, and the list goes on.

Amusement Park Injuries

Common injuries often occur on inflatable amusement rides such as bounce houses, slides or water rides. More serious injuries may happen during high speed or high intensity rides that include roller coasters, swings, or rides that have a sudden fast drop feature.

Past Georgia Amusement Park Accidents

Amputations, serious head injuries, drowning, and fatal accidents, though uncommon, have all occurred at Georgia theme parksCommon injuries reported from park rides have included brain and neck injuries, concussions, whiplash, spinal cord injuries, fractures, lacerations, eye injury, sprains and bruising.

Amusement Park Personal Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one has been injured while at a Georgia theme or water park it is crucial to put an experienced attorney to work for you. Keeping you safe on a theme park ride is the park owner’s duty. Make a confidential call to personal injury attorney Joel Baskin to discuss compensation for medical expenses, proper treatment, pain and suffering, disability or even loss of income.