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Fighting Traffic Ticket Complicated Without Lawyer

One of the most common reasons for contact with a police officer is during a traffic stop. Approximately half of all traffic stops result in a traffic ticket being issued. Fighting traffic ticket charges are generally first on a driver’s mind after receiving a ticket. The Bureau of Justice Statistics estimate over 26 million drivers a year are pulled over in a traffic stop. Fighting Traffic Ticket Reasons There are many reasons why you may choose to fight a traffic ticket. Some questions to consider when making that decision to move forward in fighting traffic ticket for moving or non-moving […]

Negligent Security Injury Brings Compensation Suit

Negligent security with resulting injury in Georgia may entitle you to compensation under the law. In Georgia, you may be eligible to recover medical bills, lost wages, or compensated for pain and suffering if a commercial or residential property’s lack of security contributed to you or a loved one’s injury or death as the victim of an attack. Negligent Security Defined Proper security measures must be in place on any commercial or residential property. While property managers and owners are not insurers of your safety, they are responsible to plan for and insure that foreseeable criminal acts do not occur […]

Daycare Playground Negligence Cause Injury

Daycare playground negligence claims arise from inadequate or improper supervision of the children or dangerous equipment that is not age appropriate which results in injury or even death.  In the U.S., over 8-million children, or 40% of those under the age of five, spend at least part of every week being cared for by someone other than a parent. Daycare Playground Negligence Injuries While falling is the leading cause of reported daycare injuries, up to 60% of those injuries occur on the playground where a fall is a common event. Running, climbing, or playing can easily result in a fall […]