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Negligent Security Injury Brings Compensation Suit

Negligent security with resulting injury in Georgia may entitle you to compensation under the law. In Georgia, you may be eligible to recover medical bills, lost wages, or compensated for pain and suffering if a commercial or residential property’s lack of security contributed to you or a loved one’s injury or death as the victim of an attack.

Negligent Security Defined

Proper security measures must be in place on any commercial or residential property. While property managers and owners are not insurers of your safety, they are responsible to plan for and insure that foreseeable criminal acts do not occur on their property. In some instances security measures may not have been in place, were lacking, or if crimes had occurred in the past no measures were established to deter future crimes.

Negligent Security Injury

Injuries or death from negligent security can include criminal assault, battery, rape, physical attacks, strong armed robbery, kidnapping, shooting, mugging, molestation, and other criminal attacks.

Security Measure Examples

Negligent security claims look to determine what security measures were in place and if they were sufficient to have prevented the criminal act. Some examples of security include:

  • Security lighting / adequate lighting for all areas
  • Security patrol who are trained and qualified
  • Security personnel who have passed background checks
  • Secure doors, locks, gates, fences, etc
  • Properly placed and working security cameras and recordings
  • Security alert system in place
  • Security warning or alert system

Negligent Security Locations

Negligent security assumes that the crime could have been prevented or at least made less likely by using appropriate security measures. The following areas may be involved in a negligent security lawsuit:

  • Apartments, condominiums, gated community
  • Hotel, motel, vacation resort, convention center, cruise ship port
  • College dormitory, University grounds, public or private schools
  • Hospital, medical clinics, drug treatment center, mental health facility
  • Recreational centers, bowling alley, sports stadium or coliseum
  • Shopping center, mall, restaurant, movie theater, concert arena
  • Assisted living facility, nursing home, rehab center
  • Office building, private businesses
  • Day care center, private playground or activity center
  • Bar, nightclub, liquor store, convenience store
  • Bank, ATM location
  • Amusement park, zoo, aquarium, planetarium, observatory
  • Race track, casino
  • Train station, bus terminal, MARTA station, subway station, airport, taxi stands
  • Construction site
  • Parking lot or parking deck
  • And additional locations

Negligent security can involve tenants, renters, guests, customers, ticket-holders, passengers, patients, or employees.

Negligent Security Attorney

Many people are eligible for compensation and recovery and do not realize it thinking their attack was purely the fault of the assailant. However, in many cases, inadequate security may have played a role in their attack. Call Attorney Joel Baskin for a confidential assessment of your situation in regards to premises liability and negligent security.

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