Fighting Traffic Ticket Complicated Without Lawyer

One of the most common reasons for contact with a police officer is during a traffic stop. Approximately half of all traffic stops result in a traffic ticket being issued. Fighting traffic ticket charges are generally first on a driver’s mind after receiving a ticket. The Bureau of Justice Statistics estimate over 26 million drivers a year are pulled over in a traffic stop.

Fighting Traffic Ticket Reasons

There are many reasons why you may choose to fight a traffic ticket. Some questions to consider when making that decision to move forward in fighting traffic ticket for moving or non-moving violation include:

  • Will the traffic ticket add points onto your driver’s license?
  • Will the violation lead to increased car insurance rates?
  • Do you have reason or proof to contest the ticket?
  • Is there a possibility of jail time associated with the traffic charge?
  • Was there personal injury or property damage involved?
  • Will charges from this ticket lead to license suspension?
  • Were road signs or parking lines not visible, confusing, or hard to read?
  • Was the traffic light malfunctioning or not working?
  • Was your car damaged or had broken down, or were waiting for a tow truck?
  • Do you feel the traffic ticket was incorrectly or inaccurately written up?
  • Did you have to drive in illegal manner to avoid harm to yourself or others?
  • Was there a medical emergency or other reason to justify speeding or other driving conduct?
  • Was the officer’s view obstructed or not in clear position to accurately witness your traffic infraction?

While any of the above reasons may be true, they can be difficult to prove in court. Fighting traffic ticket strategy includes having a traffic ticket lawyer advising and representing you. Mistakes happen – when you choose to fight that traffic ticket it is in your best legal interest to consult with a traffic ticket lawyer.

Traffic Ticket Attorney Winning Choice

You want a traffic ticket attorney on your side who has over 20 years of experience achieving optimal results with traffic violation charges, knows the local prosecutors and judges, and fully understands Georgia Code of traffic law. Call attorney Joel Baskin, the lawyer of choice to have on your side.