Monthly Archives: June 2019

Motorcycle Accident Season in Atlanta

With summer approaching and bringing nicer weather to ride motorcycles in, Atlanta is seeing motorcycle accident season arrive. More riders on the roads often mean an increase in the number of accidents and injuries on a daily basis. Drivers of a car, truck, or commercial vehicle are often the responsible party when a collection with a motorcycle occurs. Motorcycle Accident Season and Driver Negligence The majority of motorcycle accidents are the result of driver negligence. A driver may easily miss seeing the bike when switching lanes, becoming distracted by a phone call or events in the car, heavy traffic, road […]

Improperly Store Assembled Items Cause Personal Injury

When buying some hard to assemble items the purchaser often takes advantage of letting the store put the product together for them. Improperly store assembled items can cause serious personal injury, especially when the assembly is performed by untrained store personnel. Buying a product, and often paying an extra fee to have it pre-assembled for you does not guarantee that it is safe to use. Improperly Store Assembled Items on the Rise Some of the items where the buyer may take advantage of store pre-assembly include bicycles, BBQ grills, push mowers, outdoor power equipment, battery powered children’s ride-on toys, shelving […]