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Benefits of hiring a personal injury attorney

It is important to hire a personal injury attorney if you or a family member has suffered from a serious personal injury, medical error, or death that was the fault of another person or business.

A serious injury can require major medical care, therapy, and rehabilitation. Additionally, along with the high costs of medical care you may be experiencing a loss of income making you unable to pay your bills and cover day to day living expenses. You may need to repair or replace damaged property. In the worst circumstance, when a wrongful death has occurred due to the negligence or intentional act of another, you will also have funeral expenses.

Why You Need An Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney like Joel Baskin

Why hire a personal injury attorney? Insurance companies have lawyers that protect their interests and know that ordinary individuals have little to no knowledge of their legal rights or the options that are available to them when seeking compensation for a personal injury. Because an insurance company makes more profit when they under-compensate for injury claims they often automatically offer less to a person who does not have a personal injury attorney.

An experienced personal injury attorney is there to look out for your interests. They can protect your rights and help you obtain full and fair compensation, much more than you would be able to obtain on your own.

A Georgia personal injury attorney can take care of all your legal needs in a personal injury case including: investigating the cause of your injury, gathering evidence, obtaining witness statements, negotiating with the insurance company seeking fair compensation for your losses, and if the need arises representing you in court.

A personal injury attorney has the knowledge and training to be your best advocate and to protect your rights. A personal injury attorney:

  • Knows and understand all the fine details of personal injury law and how to get the maximum compensation for their clients’ damages
  • Is familiar with insurance law and how it relates to injury claims
  • Knows when an insurance company has offered you a settlement that is too low for the injuries and losses you have sustained and will negotiate to make sure you are fully compensated
  • Knows the approximate value of a personal injury claim so an insurance company cannot mislead you to settle for less
  • Knows that the insurance company will want to negotiate a fair settlement if you have an attorney because they do not like to go to court where a jury often awards large settlements to the victim
  • Can file a lawsuit if needed to get you the full and fair compensation you are entitled to

Insurance companies make more profit when they are able to pay out less for compensation to injury victims. They are not bad people, just businessmen who like any other business seeks to make the best profits they can. However, when you are represented by an East Point personal injury attorney, like Joel Baskin, an insurance company is more likely to settle for a fair amount because they know that the attorney is experienced and knowledgeable about the amount of settlement that can be expected from a personal injury insurance claim. They also know that when a personal injury lawsuit goes to court juries are more likely to award large settlements to victims, larger than a negotiated settlement would have been.

In the event an insurance company decides to go to court, your personal injury attorney will represent your interests, protect your rights, file all the appropriate paperwork, present the evidence, and dispute the settlement offered by the insurance company to help you get the compensation you need and deserve.

What Will It Cost to Hire an East Point Personal Injury Attorney?

Most personal injury attorneys take their cases on a contingency basis which means that if they win your case they take their attorney fee as a percentage of your award. If they lose, they do not receive any attorney fee. If your case goes to court you may be liable for some court fees and related expenses, so be sure to ask questions about any fees during your free initial consultation.

You can discuss the specifics of your injury claim and talk to your personal injury attorney about how contingency cases work during your first free initial consultation. At this time you can ask the attorney what his contingency rate is and your attorney can answer any other questions you have, give you information you need, and let you know if you have a strong injury claim.

Vinings Personal Injury Attorney Joel Baskin Has a Reputation for Serving the Injured

Contact Joel Baskin, Atlanta personal injury attorney for a consultation to learn how Joel can help with your personal injury claim. With offices in Vinings and East Point, Georgia, Joel Baskin serves clients in the metro Atlanta and North Georgia area.

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