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Construction Accident Law Suit for Full Compensation

Construction workers are surrounded by potential hazards every day. Construction accidents are among the most common reported injuries on the job and often include severe life threatening injuries and death. Being the victim of a work site accident typically creates a hardship for the person and their family, causes an extended time where they are unable to work, and often the injured worker needs weeks and months of medical treatment and care.

Construction Accidents Happen Anywhere

Injury reports around Atlanta and Georgia demonstrate the wide variety of construction accidents that can occur during the normal course of a work day. Following all the safety rules and regulations does not mean you are safe from injury. Accidents happen and due to the nature of an active work site, those accidents can permanently disfigure, disable and kill in the blink of an eye.

Accidents a Daily Event

The most common reported construction site accidents involve injury from use of heavy machinery, using dangerous power tools, falling from a height or onto sharp materials, being burned from a fire, explosion or dangerous chemicals, being hit by falling objects, being electrocuted on the job site, or from a crane accident. Any accident can be minor but typically involve serious injury that has a life-altering impact on the worker and their family.

Examples of Georgia Work Site Accidents

A construction accident may involve a nail through a hand, a broken foot, a traumatic head injury, loss of an eye, or loss of a life. Some examples of active work site accidents that occurred in and around Atlanta include the collapse of a 35,000 pound billboard being put up at a shopping mall which killed three workers and injured a fourth one.

In other construction accidents a worker was killed when a 2,500 pound metal pipe rolled off a trailer he was unloading landing on him. A gas leak in a Gwinnett County manhole construction site killed one man and seriously injured another.  At the Atlanta Botanical Garden a canopy steel bridge being constructed collapsed while concrete was being poured killing one and injuring 18.

Responsible Party for Accident

Very often for construction accidents one or more parties may be responsible. Some of those that may be held accountable for the accident include the property owner, the construction company, other employees, product manufacturers, site superintendents, site inspectors, architects or insurance companies.

Some of the reasons named in litigation for a construction site injury may be unsafe procedures in place or not following OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act) regulations, failure to provide safety equipment, inadequate training, negligence, toxic exposure, and use of tools that have not been properly maintained or inspected.

Atlanta Construction Accident Attorney

Consultation with an experienced attorney will determine who, what and why of the accident when seeking full compensation benefits. Contact Joel Baskin, a lawyer well versed in OSHA and work site accident litigation to receive full compensation for your accident and injuries.

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