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Top Reasons to Call a Criminal or Personal Injury Lawyer

Many people go through life without ever having the need to consult with or hire an attorney. There are numerous legal matters that do not require the services of a lawyer; however, even the smallest infraction can often lead to bigger legal issues, fines, or even jail. And personal injury cases can impact your future health and financial security.

While everyone’s legal situation is different it may be wise to consult with an attorney to avoid any future problems. Good legal representation can prevent situations that you may not foresee at the time.

When you Need to Call an Attorney

The following situations give examples of when retaining the services of a lawyer is essential:

  • Any situation that may involve handcuffs, being arrested or booked. These situations include DUI/DWI, domestic violence, accusations of tax fraud, white collar crime, illegal drugs, having child pornography, improper relationships with a minor, and any kind of criminal behavior.
  • An incident where bodily harm has occurred. You may have suffered the harm or you may have caused harm to another, someone has been injured on your property, injuries have happened as a result of a car accident, you have been exposed to toxic chemicals at work or live in a “sick house,” or you have been injured as a result of a defective product as examples.
  • You are not sure how to plead when being charged with a crime. An attorney can help avoid potentially severe penalties even before a criminal trial begins.
  • Experienced criminal and personal injury lawyers can negotiate a fair settlement or a plea bargain, working to get the best option and legal decision for you.
  • Retaining a lawyer may be the decision that can keep you from spending time behind bars or for appealing to a lesser charge. A criminal attorney may find key evidence against you was improperly obtained, witness testimony contradicts earlier statements, or even challenge that evidence found was not handled properly and cannot be submitted into trial.
  • You need an experienced lawyer who knows the legal system, knows how to file court documents and handle all legal procedures, deadlines, and protocol.

The Value of Retaining a Lawyer

Suffering a personal injury or being accused of a crime puts your life on hold. Get the peace of mind you want by putting your case in the hands of a seasoned professional. Call Joel Baskin, criminal defense and personal injury attorney for a consultation.

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