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How Many Georgia Driving Laws Are You Breaking?

Even when you think you are obeying all the driving laws in the State of Georgia you may actually be breaking one if not more laws.

List of Little Known Georgia Driving Laws

Not being aware of a specific law does not let you “off the hook” for a ticket or points on your driving record. Many drivers are unaware of the following laws until they are pulled over and given a ticket.

  1. Going the speed limit – In Georgia there is a “Slowpoke Law” that requires a driver in the left lane to move over if a faster car is approaching. This law applies to Georgia highways, interstate or expressways. Even if you are going the speed limit, you need to move out of the left lane if traffic wants to go faster than you.
  2. Georgia has a “Move-Over Law” which means you must move over and away from any emergency vehicles, police cars, garbage trucks, tow trucks, and the like that are stopped on the side of the highway. If you are unable to move over out of the adjacent lane due to heavy traffic you must slow down to 10 mph below the posted speed limit.
  3. The center lane on the roadway is not for merging into traffic – it is for making a left turn when you are within 300 feet of the road or parking area where you will be making that left turn. Driving in the center lane to avoid traffic, to travel a distance, or to try and merge your way into an opening in the right lane is cause for a ticket and fine.
  4. There can be no open alcoholic beverage cans or bottles in the car when you are driving. You may know you may not have an open alcoholic drink — but neither may any of your passengers.
  5. You can receive a ticket if you drive with headphones in place in both of your ears. It is legal to have one headphone in one ear.
  6. Texting in the car is illegal, whether you are driving or stopped at a traffic light or stop sign. If you are behind the wheel on the roadway, texting is illegal at any time.
  7. Georgia law requires that the entire license tag be clear and unobstructed. If you have a specialty frame or cover on or around your tag, you can be stopped for obstructing the view of your license plate.
  8. Headlights have to be turned on in the rain. Many cars have an automatic feature that keeps the headlights turned on; however, drivers forget this automatic feature does not necessarily include turning on the rear lights too. If your headlights are on you can still be stopped if your rear lights are not illuminated as well.
  9. When traffic lights are out at an intersection, Georgia law requires all drivers to treat this situation as a four-way stop. A main road or highway does not have the automatic right of way to continue through an intersection when the traffic lights are not working.
  10. If you are a driver under the age of 18, it is illegal to use a cell phone at all.
  11. If you happen to be driving through Marietta and spit out of your car window you can be fined; it is ok if you spit out the window of a truck however.
  12. Bicycle riders may not realize that a bicycle is considered a vehicle under Georgia law and a bicyclist must follow the same laws that a vehicle does which includes stopping at a red light and riding on the correct side of the road.

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