Negligent and Inadequate Security Injury Claims

Negligent and inadequate security that results in your injury may entitle you to compensation under Georgia law. Negligent or inadequate security can involve tenants, renters, guests, customers, students, ticket-holders, passengers, patients, or employees. In Georgia, you may be eligible to recover medical bills, lost wages, as well as being compensated for pain and suffering if a property’s lack of or inadequate security contributed to injury or death as the victim of an attack.

Negligent or Inadequate Security Under Georgia Law

In Georgia, proper security measures must be in place on any commercial or residential property. While property managers and owners are not insurers of your safety, they are responsible to plan for and insure that foreseeable criminal acts do not occur on their property. In some cases, it has been discovered that adequate security measures were not in place, were lacking, or if crimes had occurred in the past, no measures were established to deter future crimes.

Negligent as well as Inadequate Security Can Lead to Injury

Injuries, or even death, from negligent or inadequate security include criminal assault, battery, rape, physical attacks, strong armed robbery, kidnapping, shooting, mugging, molestation, and other criminal attacks. Some common examples of inadequate security measures include:

  • Security lighting which is adequate for all areas of property
  • Plants, shrubs, and plantings that are well-trimmed and kept away from walkways and entryways blocking one’s view, or allowing a “hiding spot” for an attacker
  • Security patrol who are trained, qualified, and perform regular checks
  • Security personnel who have passed background checks
  • Security personnel who are certified and have current certification in place
  • Secure doors, locks, gates, fences, on and around the property
  • Properly placed and working security cameras and recordings
  • Security alert system in place
  • Security warning or alert system
  • Security signs alerting possible attackers of security measures in place

Negligent Security Attorney

Your personal attack may be related to negligent or inadequate security, making you eligible for compensation and recovery. Call Attorney Joel Baskin for confidential legal assessment of your situation where premises liability and negligent security may be at fault. Negligent Security Attorney